Oh, look, here we are at the end of March, still showing off snow pictures. So. Awesome. To be fair, it was 70 degrees today – completely gorgeous! But I’ve heard rumors of another possible snowstorm coming next week. So there’s that.

Tomorrow we have a big family date planned. The three of us are going to see Disney Princesses on Ice and then out to dinner. When I told Annalyn, she started shaking from the excitement. I’m a little excited myself. Then on Sunday, we’re dressing up in our matchy-matchy outfits, heading to church to celebrate the Resurrection and then eating lunch with my parents, cousins, aunt and uncle.

It should be a good weekend. What are your plans for this weekend?

March went by really fast. I was busy and overwhelmed, and I’m excited to start a brand-new month on Monday. (Monday has the potential to be a big day. It’s the start of a week, a month and a quarter! So, basically, my hopes are sky-high. Good plan, right?)

Thankfully I was still able to sneak in a few books, movies and TV shows – though not as many as usual. April better look different. I’d hate to become one of those people who’s TOO BUSY to read. Or – gasp! – watch TV.

What I’m Reading:

Ladies and gentlemen [what? I’m aware of no less than four – FOUR! – men who read this blog!], may I please direct your attention to the three grown-up books on this month’s list? Not one, not two but THREE!

The Fifth Assassin by Brad Meltzer: I’ve been a huge fan of Brad Meltzer since his very first book in 1997. He wrote political/legal thrillers with outstanding dialogue. Of course, it’s possible I wouldn’t be as impressed if I read those first books now, some 15 years later. But since I’ve got WAY too many books waiting to be read to spend time doing that, I’ll just hold onto that early impression.

Anyway, his latest book was pretty good. Not spectacular, but good. I liked the last one – which had the same characters – more because it taught me a lot about the National Archives, which I knew nothing about. Yup, I’m that big of a nerd. This is not news.

Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson: Okay, look. I don’t normally review books if I don’t like them. As a writer (though not a book-writer…YET) I respect the work and heart that go into a book, and I hate to speak badly about an author. Especially one I’ve adored until now – like Dee Henderson.

So I’m going to say three things about this book and then I’m going to let it go.

1) I didn’t like this book at all. It was dreadfully boring, among other things. 2) If you’re a Dee Henderson fan like me and super excited that she’s finally published another book, I know that nothing I say will keep you from reading it. So after you do, tell me what you think. I’d love to discuss it offline. and 3) If you’ve never read Dee Henderson before but like suspenseful mysteries with a side of smart romance, for the love of books, don’t start with this one. Read her O’Malley series. You’ll thank me.

The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan: The Kane Chronicles are basically the Percy Jackson books with an Egyptian twist. They’re not all that good. But if you love the Percy Jackson books and want something similar to hold you over until the next Hereos of Olympus book comes out in the fall, then give this series a try.

Deep & Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend by Andy Stanley: I read this with my co-workers, and it was excellent. Andy Stanley is really funny and extremely straight-shooting. But he also shared generously how his church intentionally reaches unchurched people. It put words to a lot of things my church does but also gave us lots of ideas to discuss and think about.

I’m a big fan of Ben Affleck. And spy-related stuff. So me seeing Argo and loving it was a given. When Mark and I managed to get a date night for the first time in a couple months, it was straight to the theater for the Oscar-winning movie without passing go.

And as expected, we both loved it. The history part was interesting (and so upsetting), the detail of the time period was amazing, and it was unexpectedly funny. Ben Affleck, while both hairy and handsome, was hard to read and came off a little cold. That was strange, but I refuse to let it stand in the way of my appreciation of either him or the movie.

Back in the world of TV, I am LOVING New Girl. It is outrageously and consistently funny, and the writers are handling the Jess-Nick relationship so very well. Watch out, Parks & Rec, New Girl is quickly becoming my favorite half hour of the week.

What I’m Listening to: I answered this one (in depth) in yesterday’s post. Check it out – and enjoy the playlist I made for you!

What I’m Eating & Cooking: Ummm…

Let’s just say that I haven’t been eating well, and I haven’t been cooking at all. This weekend, though, I’m trying out two new recipes for my family’s Easter dinner: a Snickers and apple “salad” and glazed carrots in the Crockpot. I’ll let you know how they turn out!

(And in case you’re worried about my quickly declining eating habits, rest assured. I’m going back to Weight Watchers Monday morning and then heading straight to the grocery store to stock up on real, healthy food for the menu plan I’m going to work on tomorrow. Remember? Monday is the first day of the rest of my life! I have plans!)

And now for some breakdancing. Nick Offerman (aka, Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation) explained and demonstrated his pop-and-locking skills on the Jimmy Fallon show. Enjoy. (And if you missed Justin Timberlake doing the History of Rap 4 with Jimmy Fallon a couple weeks ago, here you go. And you’re welcome.)

What were YOU into in March?

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