Now look. I’m working on our summer fun bucket list, and I promise it will include plenty of outdoorsy, sunshiny, sweaty adventures.

But come on! Just because the weather’s warming up doesn’t mean I’m going to stop loving the TV. Sure, we have fewer shows to choose from for the next few months, but thanks to nearly year-round programming, that doesn’t mean we have to resort to reruns. It just means we have a little bit more time for drinks on the deck or a walk around the block before settling down to watch a show or two.

Here’s what I’ll be watching while I enjoy one of the popsicles Annalyn and I are going to make this summer:

  • Warehouse 13 (Mondays at 9pm, SyFy Channel): This one’s already on, and I’ve just about lost interest. So, I’m not sure I’ll make it through the whole season. Do you watch any sci-fi shows?
  • So You Think You Can Dance (Tuesdays at 7pm, FOX): Oh, how I adore Nigel, Cat and most the guest judges. I love the way they are kind to everyone. I love the way they cry (although, like every other person on earth, I could do without Mary Murphy’s stupid screaming). I love the way they love dance. I love the way they spend 90% of the show on actual good dancers. And I love the fact that I have a DVR this year and won’t miss a single audition, performance or results show!
  • Melissa & Joey (Wednesdays at 7pm, May 29, ABC Family): I know. Okay? I KNOW. But I will watch it, every single week it’s on. And I’d be lying if I pretended to be better than that. I’m not. Okay? I’M NOT.
  • Burn Notice (Thursdays at 8pm, June 6, USA): If I wasn’t already dedicated to this show, you know the announcement that this will be its final season would’ve sucked me back in. Michael, Fiona, Sam and the rest of the gang will blow things up and save the day for one last season. Here’s hoping they retire from the CIA for good and retire to somewhere nice.
  • King & Maxwell (Mondays at 9pm, June 10, TNT): This is a new show, based on characters from David Baldacci novels. He’s one of my favorite authors, so I’m going to give this a try, despite the cheesy commercials I’ve seen and the presence of Formerly Mrs. John Stamos (who really bugs me for some reason).
  • Perception (Tuesdays at 9pm, June 18, TNT): I watched this show last summer with Eric McCormack and the girl from She’s All That. I didn’t intend to make it a regular, but something about it kept me coming back. McCormack plays a brilliant neuroscience professor who helps the FBI solve crimes. And he’s also schizophrenic. It’s really interesting!
  • Covert Affairs (Tuesdays at 8pm, July 16, USA): This show started a little cheesy but got a ton better last year. And now that Annie and Auggie are finally together, I’m excited for it to return!
  • Suits (Tuesdays at 9pm, July 16, USA): This show should be so boring. But it is so not. The end.
  • Franklin & Bash (Wednesdays at 8pm, July 24, TNT): Aside from SYTYCD, this one is probably my favorite summer show. It’s ridiculous but just so much fun! And, HELLO? Zack Morris–I mean, Mark-Paul Gosselar–is in it!

I suspect I’ll have to check out Graceland, a new show on USA, too. I’d rather not add another show to my list, but every time we see a preview, Mark says how good it looks. I know what that means. Besides, White Collar has left a gaping hole in my TV life until this fall, so I might as well watch the new show. *sigh*

What shows will you watch this summer?

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