Good to go

First of all, you should know that when searching for a photo of a suitcase, a surprisingly large number of the photos include cats. Then again, I have cats (and suitcases), so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by this at all.

Second of all, let’s talk about packing for vacation when you’re pregnant. As in, how to do it. My answer? Just don’t.

Yeah. Just don’t pack. Find someone else to pack for you. Attempt a list and a bag and a plan. But really? Just let someone else do it. Cash in whatever favors you must, but don’t rely on yourself and your own brain power to get you through the process of preparing to travel.

At least not if you’re me. And severely lacking in brain power.


I’m usually a pretty good packer. I like to be prepared, so some might say I overpack. But some don’t complain when yes, I do happen to have nail clippers, a Band-Aid or extra sunscreen. And since Jessica taught me about rolling my clothes, I can fit a whole lot more into a bag than I could before.

But this time? My packing ability was dramatically diminished.

Though I managed to get everyone’s underwear and swimsuit packed, I forgot about a billion other things. Seriously. I left the house without:

1. Pajamas
2. The just-about-rotten cantaloupe I wanted to throw away
3. The pool noodles we bought specifically for vacation
4. Annalyn’s toothbrush
5. A Great Clips coupon (for the day running errands, not actual vacation)
6. Zyrtec
7. Benadryl
8. Stuff for our small group, which we were driving straight home to
9. The board game we play with the friends we were visiting
10. Annalyn’s sleeping bag for the night she was supposed to sleep on the floor

Yep. Forgot them all.

The upside is that I got a new pair of pajama pants out of it, and Annalyn got a snazzy new pink toothbrush. And we learned to play canasta. So there’s that.

We really had a great time, and I had our laundry in the washer before we’d even been home 24 hours. Sure, my suitcases may still be sitting out, but I think that’s still pretty good.

And my hardwood floors – which were refinished while we were out of town – look fantastic! (Never mind the heinous smell I didn’t even THINK about that necessitated us sleeping with the windows open and the fans on last night. The point is they LOOK GREAT.) (And in case you’re worried, it’s the kind of refinishing that’s not harmful, so while it’s still a bit stinky, I’ve been reassured that it’s not dangerous. Just annoying and shiny beautiful.)

What’s the biggest or worst or funniest thing you’ve ever forgotten to pack?

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