First of all, yes, I realize that our world has much more important things to worry about than the presence of Christmas decorations in my Hobby Lobby BEFORE LABOR DAY. I understand that, without a doubt, all of the things I’m getting ready to shout say are nothing more than first-world problems. I get it, okay?

But, and here’s the second of all, sometimes a person needs to vent. Especially when said person is pregnant. (Or, just fill in the blank with your own special circumstance that gives you permission to gripe for just one minute.)

So today I’m hobbling out onto my front porch and shaking my fist at those pesky kids messing up my lawn. I have some formal protests I’d like to lodge against The World That is Clearly Working Against Me. I’m here to file some formal complaints.

Just sit back and enjoy. And then get ready to share your own formal protests, because really, what’s more fun than a little sharing of troubles-that-aren’t-really-troubles between friends?

1. Pretzel buns: I don’t get it. Why did pretzel buns become A THING all of a sudden? Every fast food place out there is advertising their pretzel buns…like that’s impressive? I don’t know. Maybe I need to try one? Then again, I don’t really like pretzels, so…

2. THE WEATHER. Well, at this moment (Thursday night), it’s pouring down rain and NOT a thousand degrees. But this September has been crazy with the high temps, and I’m sick of it! Bring on the chilly fall weather, please! Any day now? Pretty please?

3. Sleep while pregnant: Or, I should say, TRYING to sleep while I’m pregnant. Now, when I need sleep more than ever…while I’m making a human…while I don’t have an infant waking every couple of hours every night…I should be getting ALL THE SLEEP I CAN. Instead? I toss. I turn. I get up to pee. Rinse and repeat. Gah.

4. Pumpkin, apple, flannel, red in the stores when it’s still hot. Have I mentioned the weather? And my feelings about it? Check back when we stay in the 70s for a few days in a row, though, and I guarantee I’ll be pumpkin and apple-ing it up.

5. Feedback from showings: Potential buyers who have visited our house have given us just the most precious feedback. “The garage isn’t big enough to make up for no basement.” “Cute house, but it’s too small.” “Don’t like the modular feel of the house.” Thank you, potential buyers. Very helpful. We’ll get to work digging out that basement, stat.

6. No time for a girls’ night out: The three girls I get together with every several weeks hasn’t gotten together in about, oh, A MILLION YEARS. I mean, yes, we finally resorted to a Thursday morning play date last month. But an actual girls night out – at night? Hasn’t happened. In FOREVER. Our darned scheduled just refuse to cooperate! And it makes me sad. I miss my friends. And shared appetizers.

7. No TV blog: I don’t regret shutting down my Great Blog Experiment of 2011. I don’t. Except…right before the fall premieres. I might regret it a tiny bit then.

8. Missing consignment sales: I spent the first few months of my pregnancy frantically working on my house to get it ready for listing. And then we got ready for school to start, and then school started. And now? Now I realize that oh yeah, I probably need to do some planning…and some shopping…for this baby! So when I realized that two of the biggest consignment sales in my area ALREADY HAPPENED, I was super bummed.

(For the record, we have lots of baby things leftover from our first time around. It’s just fun to shop for tiny outfits, you know?)

9. Bowl sinks: Since our house hasn’t had a whole lot of lookers, even after lowering our sale price, we haven’t really started looking for a new house. Except. We kind of have. Online. And maybe driving around some neighborhoods. WE CAN’T RESIST!!

Anyway. I’ve realized that nothing gets on my nerves more than bowl sinks. I mean, sure, my eye twitches every time I spy another set of blurry real estate photos. And tiny bedrooms and wood paneling rule out most potential homes for me. But a bowl sink? It’s not enough to make us pass on a house. But really? A sink? Made out of a bowl? WHYYYYYY?

10. A baby who refuses to cooperate with my sonogram. Any of you who’ve been wondering if I’ll tell you if I’m having a boy or a girl, just…don’t ask. Okay? Because this baby? This tiny human who is a product of two admittedly difficult and stubborn people? Wouldn’t show us. Just like our first wonderful, difficult, stubborn baby!

Now, the sonographer and doctor made a guess. But I don’t want to go all public with a GUESS. Lucky (ummm….) for us, the baby also hid a few other crucial body parts, so I have another sonogram scheduled. Stay tuned…

YOUR TURN! What are you protesting today?

This post will be linked up to List It Tuesday at Many Little Blessings. Which seems kind of ironic, considering the content of this post. Oh well.

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