As I’ve read your comments and posts about perfectionism and fairy tales, about contentment and real life, I’ve noticed a few themes we all have in common. One of them is the testimony we can share about how our childish fantasies may not have come true but, somehow, God has turned at least some of our current circumstances into fulfilled dreams that, at one point, we didn’t even know we have.

My friend Lisa-Jo wrote about this beautifully earlier this week:

I was the girl who swore she’d never end up anyone’s cliche
— barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.
Which is interesting since we currently have
three kids, a hamster and a back yard where toys go to die.

If you’ve read Lisa-Jo’s blog at all, you know that she’s embraced the dream that she’s living, the one she never wanted or imagined for herself, the one the Lord had planned for her all along.

I think the same is true for most of us – or, at least, it will be eventually. God has this way, this gift of taking the stories we write for ourselves and turning them into His stories for our lives.

Almost as if He helps us put foundations under those castles we’ve built in the sky.

How has one of your dreams come true in an unexpected way?

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