When I reached a certain age (as in, I don’t remember what age, so I’m being vague), I was allowed to sit with my friends during church. I’d like to say my friends and I spent that Sunday morning hour learning and worshiping. But, while we did some of that, I also have very clear memories of playing MASH.

Over and over and over.

Did you play that? It was a game of “chance,” and predicted who you’d marry, what kind of car you’d drive, what job you’d have and what kind of house you’d live in. While you got to choose the husband, car and job options, the housing choices were built in.

MASH stood for Mansion, Apartment, Shack and House.

In theory it was okay if you landed on shack if you also “got” your favorite guy, car or job. (But let’s be honest. It was mostly about the guy.) I suppose IN THEORY that’s still true. I’d much rather live in a shack with Mark than in a mansion with any of the boys I listed as possible husbands in middle school.

Still, settling down in a shack with my honey (and Porsche, because, well, I didn’t know a lot of cars back then) isn’t exactly my idea of a dream come true. My dream house:

  • Has a big porch
  • And a big yard
  • That never needs to be mowed
  • It also has a finished basement
  • With a bedroom and bathroom
  • (For Mark when he’s sleeping during the day, thanks to working nights)
  • (And for guests when we can finally have guests spend the night again)
  • It has a beautiful kitchen
  • That somehow both Mark and I think is beautiful
  • (We have different kitchen tastes)
  • And a formal dining room
  • Plus an eat-in kitchen
  • And two living spaces, perfect for entertaining
  • And did I mention it comes with a maid?
  • (I’m not talking about one of those built-in vacuum systems.)
  • (I really mean a maid. To clean my house. So I don’t have to.)

It’s highly likely I’ll never find – or afford – such a house. I mean, I might as well imagine myself living in Cinderella’s castle! And though I don’t adore the house I live in – and have lived in for a decade . . . and am trying to sell – it has some good points.

  • It’s small enough that cleaning doesn’t take long.
  • When the dryer and the attic fan are on, my house smells like clean laundry.
  • My new hardwood floors? Are GORGEOUS.
  • The house is small, so utilities don’t cost an arm and a leg.
  • In fact, I never feel bad about flipping on the heat or a/c. {Score!}
  • Our backyard is big and wooded and lovely.
  • (Don’t remind me about the swamp and mosquitoes. I’m on a roll here.)
  • We’ve painted the walls great colors.
  • One bathroom means one toilet to clean. Boom!

Now it’s your turn.

What’s your dream house look like?
And what makes your current home great?

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{Photo by Horia Varlan}

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