You wanna know something funny? As I sat here, fiddling with my feed trying to figure out how to give my subscribers a link to my new ebook, I watched the season premiere of Once Upon a Time. Don’t tell Emma, Mary Margaret and Charming that I’m giving up on fairy tales, okay?

But I am. At least the fairy tales as they pertain to my life and how I live it.

It’s one thing to sing, “Be Our Guest” in the shower and stock up on mermaid decorations for a certain little girl’s birthday party. It’s another to expect your husband to slay dragons and your castle to magically stay clean even after Cinderella vacates the premises.

This month I’m dedicated to attacking those fairy tales that I’ve been holding onto – the ways I’ve been comparing my real life to my dream life, the ways I’ve been expecting other people, other places, other situations to meet all my fairy tale fantasies, the ways I’ve been disappointed by reality because it just doesn’t live up to the imaginary.

Maybe you’ve done those things, too? If so, then this series is for you. Let’s tackle these fairy tales together. I’m confident that when we stare reality in the eye, hold it up to the Light and let go of a few childish dreams, we’ll be surprised and relieved to see that this life…this REAL LIFE…is better than we ever could have imagined, better than any fairy tale could have written, better than we ever dreamed.

Throughout October we’ll look at the fairy tales we’ve written and believed about money, careers, homes, family, marriage, parenting, friendship, hobbies, health and more. Some days I’ll share a quote, a printable or resources to help us give up on fairy tales. Other days (of course), I’ll write about my own experiences and reflections.

And as promised, on Wednesdays I’ll share a writing prompt and a link-up with you. Because this isn’t just about me and my crazy self. I want to hear about your fairy tales and your real life, too! Here’s the plan:

  • Wednesday, October 2 – How does your real life compare to what you imagined as a child?
  • Wednesday, October 9 – Do you live in your dream home (or city)? How do you feel about that?
  • Wednesday, October 16 – Are you the wife or mother you always planned to be?
  • Wednesday, October 23 – When you graduated from high school, what did you think you’d be doing now?
  • Wednesday, October 30 – How has your faith journey differed from what you expected when you first believed?

To keep up with this series, subscribe to this blog. Subscribe via email, and you’ll get every new post sent right to your inbox each morning. And – bonus! – you’ll also receive a copy of my new ebook, Finding a Happier Ever After. I’ll also put a link to each post in this series in the original announcement post from yesterday.

I’m so looking forward to getting to know you better over the next 31 days. Let’s start with a fun question: What’s your favorite fairy tale story or movie?

{Mine is Beauty & the Beast, if we’re talking about Disney movies. How could I resist the brunette princess who loves to read??}

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