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Last week after church Mark was helping tear down (we’re a mobile church that meets in a high school), so Annalyn and I decided to grab lunch at Taco Bueno. Apparently they had some sort of taco emergency going on in the back, because we waited no less than 20 minutes for our quesadillas and burritos.

We were both starving and a little impatient, but we sat and chatted while we waited in our booth. Right next to us, across a very short, not-so-private privacy divider were two older couples eating fajitas. At one point, I tried to imagine my own grandparents eating fast food tacos and came up empty, but for the most part, I tried to focus on my daughter and talk quietly with her about church and crayons and what is the hold up on this food.

Finally they called my name, and we began to eat. Shortly after we argued over who got the next chip and scoop of queso, the four people next to us gathered their trash and stood up to leave. One of the ladies turned around and said, “Ma’am?”

I looked up and she leaned over. “You’re doing a great job. I really enjoyed listening to you all today.”

Speechless and annoyed (though not surprised) to find tears in my eyes, I whispered, “Thank you.”

That was all it took. Five little words – you’re doing a great job – made my day. Even as I remembered how I’d yelled at my daughter the night before when she refused to go to bed, how so many lunches aren’t quite so pleasant, I was thankful that when a stranger caught me in a good moment, she acknowledged it and said something. It really meant the world to me.

After last week’s post – and comments – about weight and aging and all the things that make us feel less than beautiful, I thought maybe we could all use a few kind words like that. I pulled this from one of my favorite posts I’ve written at (in)courage:

Hey. I see you. Yes, you, reading this post
and wondering why on earth someone would write hundreds
of words about a boy band pop song.
I see you, and I think you are fabulous.
You are God’s wonderful creation. He made you, and He loves you.
He loves you so much He sent His son to die for your sins.
Yeah. That much.
And He made you for such a time as this,
for the place and time you are living right now.
He made you for this, and you are going to shine. I just know it.
I see you, and you are beautiful.

{You can read the whole post here: If Only You Saw What I Can See.}

Friends, you ARE beautiful. You are doing a great job. You are enough.

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