My friends have been in Africa this week. I’ve read their posts through half-open eyes – not because I’m sleep-deprived but because their beautiful, heart-felt and heart-broken words are hard to read, hard to process, just hard.

Every time Compassion takes a group of bloggers on a trip, I find myself with a split blog reader personality. I want to read every word . . . and I don’t want to read a single word. It’s important . . . but it’s so hard. The stories are so moving . . . but they make me cry so hard. The Compassion blogging program has changed my heart . . . but maybe I don’t want to change anymore.

See? Split personality. In case you’re a bit the same (aka, cuh-razy) and find yourself wearing the read every word hat this weekend, here are the posts the group in Uganda has written this week:

The Nester

Emily Freeman


Jeff Goins

Joy the Baker

Shaun Groves

Mark and I sponsored our first Compassion child – Elizabeth in Ghana – after I read along with a group of Compassion bloggers. Then another trip meant we added Elizabeth in Kenya to our family, too. If you’d like to sponsor a child through Compassion, go here. You won’t regret it.

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