Have you ever had one of those days? No, I don’t mean the bad kind. I mean the kind of day where you wake up on the right side of the bed and everything goes right? Somehow, miraculously, you’re living a charmed life on easy street?

All the lights are green on the way to work.
You just happen to stop at Target on a major mark-down clearance day.
You get a raise or a promotion or a pat on the back.
Your daughter gets called to the principal’s office – for a special award.
The new puppy pees outside.
The new baby sleeps through the night.
You have a good hair day.

It does happen. Some days really are awesome. You get to spend time with the people you truly enjoy – or perhaps you get to spend time alone, soaking up the peace and quiet. You accomplish something that is important to you, or maybe you do something just for fun, for once. And you want to jump up on top of something and shout, “I’m king of the world!!!”

Well, maybe not.

On those rare occasions, super amazing good days leave me so thankful, so overjoyed . . . and a little bit nervous. Because I JUST KNOW that even though every good gift is from God and He has plans to prosper me and He works for good in my life, trouble is most likely just around the corner. As the pastor at our old church used to say, “If you haven’t faced this particular problem, just buckle up.”

I’m not sure this looming fear of what’s around the bend is sound theology or a good approach to life in general. But thinking about how it is my tendency, this opposite of counting chickens before they hatch thing, has made me wonder about how I view more challenging times.

When life gets hard, when Easy Street is a distant memory, when nothing goes right at all, do I treat those seasons as temporary the way I do my good days?

Will you join me at (in)courage as we consider “those” days in light of God’s never-changing love for us?

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{Photo by Christopher Kray Visuals}

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