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Adrienne March 2014

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Annalyn March 2014

As you can see, we’re not lacking in personality at the Carver house. I don’t know who they get it from. Based on Adrienne’s [ADORABLE] cooing, we’ll never be lacking in words here, either. That girl is going to love talking as much as her sister (and, FINE, her mom and dad)!

One way she IS different than the rest of us is the way Adrienne faces mornings. She just LOVES to wake up. It doesn’t matter how many – or few – hours she’s slept overnight. When we go into her room in the morning, she has The Biggest Grin on her face. She is just THRILLED to greet the day! Not so much the other three people living in this house. So, you know, maybe she’ll make us all pancakes when she’s older.

I’m having a hard time keeping track of time and holding onto moments, which is why posts like this one are a good thing! Here’s a quick roundup of my March:

  • We re-listed our house for sale. We’ve had four showings so far, so I can’t complain. I have high hopes for this new agent and warmer season.
  • In related news I’ve had my house professionally cleaned and staged (the latter courtesy of our agent – how cool is that?!), and yet still, nobody else is offering to clean the cats’ litter box. It’s a hard life.
  • Spring has arrived (in between cold snaps and snow storms, as per the usual March in Missouri), and with it come Big Time Allergies. I’ve lost my voice, Annalyn has suffered from dizzy spells, and Mark has been snuffly. We’re a fun bunch, yo.
  • Medical bills have arrived, too. This, of course, has led me to say repeatedly (in regard to the insurance plan we chose last year when we weren’t sure I’d make it full-term and have my baby in 2014), “I’ve made a huge mistake.”
  • The girls and I attended my mom’s third annual tea party. My brother catered it, and though I remain fully committed to hating scones, the rest of the food was delicious. Even more delicious was letting other people hold my baby girl for a few hours and enjoying adult conversation with friends and family.
  • I returned to my position as Praise Parkway coordinator in my church’s children’s ministry. I missed those kids and was so glad to get back to leading and serving with them!
  • I got a sweet surprise in the mail when I received a copy of ParentLife magazine – with my first article in print!
  • Both my plans for a date night and a girls night out were foiled by a cranky newborn, but thankfully, Adrienne is mostly a content sweetheart. She’s also begun sleeping for several hours in a row at night, which makes a world of difference!

And in the big news department (NO, I’m NOT PREGNANT, shut your mouth!), I was cast in Kansas City’s Listen to Your Mother show, I decided to attend the Orange Conference and host an (in)RL gathering next month, and I talked with a literary agent several times (more on that to come soon!).

I also had more than one emotional breakdown (thank you, hormones and sleep deprivation), spent way more time apologizing for mistakes at work than I ever dreamed possible, decided I’m completely tired of every meal I make and refused to cook (at least for a night or two), struggled mightily with a six-year-old with attitude problems, realized that the diaper blowouts were a result of the baby outgrowing the size 1 diapers – after buying a giant box of them, and hid dishes in my oven before a showing – and forgot when it was time to pre-heat said oven.

Still, March was a good month. A really good month! Here are a few other things I’ve been into:

What I’m Reading:
Well, here’s the thing, friends. I’ve reached the point in this Having-a-Newborn Life where my books must meet two criteria. First, they must be electronic and on my Kindle Fire. Holding a book while feeding a baby (the only time I read these days…which is fine because, well, I do that several times a day) is just too cumbersome. And second, they must be easy reads.

I have several amazing non-fiction books just waiting for my attention span and brain capacity to return. And as soon as they do, I’m going to be all over those books! Until then, though, it’s pretty much all fluff, all the time.

There are exceptions, though! I’ve just started reading Jennifer Dukes Lee’s Love Idol and Lisa-Jo Baker’s Surprised by Motherhood, but both are FANTASTIC. Just lovely, challenging, encouraging, inspiring heart stories.

LJB and JLD books

What I’m Watching:
Say what you will about shows past their prime, it’s a special kind of television torture to have the series finales of both How I Met Your Mother AND Psych air in the same week. *Big. Sad. Sigh.*

Luckily I have American Idol to cheer me up. Because though the contestants are not all that impressive, the judges are just the best. I love them. So much. Except when they perform their own songs and their own song is called, “I Luh Yah, Papi.” C’mon, J-Lo. C’MON!

vmars movie poster

Though I didn’t get to re-watch seasons two and three of Veronica Mars, I did watch the movie. And I loved it!! I read somewhere that it was a love letter to the fans, and it was that. It was a strange thing, though, because it both answered all my questions about what happened to all the characters AND left me wanting so much more. I think it’s because I’m used to the relationship craziness and mysteries taking an entire season to solve, but two hours just wasn’t enough. Guess I’ll just have to console myself by watching the movie again…

What I’m Eating and Cooking:
Like I mentioned earlier, I’m sick of pretty much every meal I cook. However, I am not tired of cookies. Or brownies. Or rice krispy treats. Because those things? I WILL EAT THEM ALL THE DAY LONG.

I think this craving for sweets is a hormone thing (sorry to the three guys who read this blog) and will hopefully take a hike soon. If not, I’ll be returning to Weight Watchers sooner than I anticipated. Because, really, I have No Control when it comes to a pan of anything sweet sitting on my kitchen counter.

In Case You Missed It:

And my favorite video from the past month comes from, of course, Jimmy Fallon. And, fine, it was actually from February. But it’s so good that if you didn’t watch it, you need to see it. Now. You’re welcome. (Email subscribers, click here to see the video of Paul Rudd’s lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon. Because yesssssssss.)

That’s what I’ve been into. What about you? What were YOU into in March?

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