Today I’m at (in)courage with a follow-up to the One Words we chose for 2014.

Did you choose One Word for 2014? How is your year going so far? What have you learned as a result of your One Word?

Don’t worry! I’m not asking for the usual resolutions progress report. I don’t need to know if you’ve lost 10 pounds or read that book, if you’ve gotten up early or attended that pottery class. I’m asking about YOU – who you are and who you’re becoming, not what you do (or don’t do)!

I’m simply wondering, friend: How are you?

My word for 2014 is Rewrite. I had a baby shortly after sharing that on my own blog and despite my great intentions, I lost the ability to string together many words at once (much less words that make sense!). My book proposal sits untouched – and certainly unrevised – on my desktop, and on the rare occasion I complete a blog post it is, well, less than coherent.

The truth is that I haven’t done much rewriting in the literal sense so far this year.

That’s okay, I think. The point of choosing One Word isn’t to set ourselves up for guilt trips and browbeating if we don’t finish a project or miss a deadline. The point of choosing One Word is to set it as a compass, a heart guide for our calendar year.

So while I have not written many words on paper (aside from all those lists and reminders and to-dos), I am allowing God to rewrite several parts of my life. It’s not a journey that began on January 1, and I suspect it won’t finish promptly on December 31. But I will be intentional (a word so many of you chose!) in seeking ways to be changed, to grow, to be rewritten into the woman God designed.

Join me at (in)courage for the rest of this post
and to share how you’re staying focused on your One Word.

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