You might know today as Halloween (or, if you’re one of the strangely large number of my friends who were born today, your birthday), but it’s also THE LAST DAY OF 31 DAYS!

I didn’t even come close to a) posting every day or b) writing about everything I planned to. Not to mention, I never did find a good lemon and chocolate recipe. (Well, I did but it involved canned frosting and a cake mix. I don’t think I need to explain that to you…right? You can probably manage just fine without me writing step-by-step instructions for combining a lemon cake mix with dark chocolate frosting.)

And I had at least seven more great lemon photos bookmarked to use!

Even if I didn’t post 31 times in the last 31 days, though, I did shift my perspective a bit and looked harder than usual for the brighter side of life – even when life wasn’t kind or easy or shiny or pretty. I hope this series encouraged you to do the same!

I’ve heard it said that since a woman gains weight over nine months when she’s pregnant, so she shouldn’t expect her body to return to normal any faster than that. As I’m currently heavier than I was the day before Adrienne was born, that’s not exactly what I’m getting at here. What’s on my mind instead is that it may have taken nine months for my blog to return to normal.

We’ll see how it goes from here, but I’m anxious to get back into writing a bit more than my brain and schedule has allowed this year.

AND I’m also looking forward to announcing the winners of the DaySpring pitchers. What’s that? You DID see that subscribing to this blog means you are entered into a drawing? One each week, actually! I’ll announce each week’s winner on Monday. {Woohoo!}

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