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My house is a disaster right now. The dishes from dinner are still on the table, my laundry is threatening to burst from the hamper and attack any passersby, and the rugs and carpets are hard evidence that our vacuum has been broken for a couple weeks now.

Usually when things get this dire, I joke that my cozy little home has morphed into a frat house.

But given my recent binge-watching of Greek, I’m a little more familiar with actual, TV frat houses – and all of a sudden the joke isn’t quite as funny. So, that just leaves me with a dirty house. And since I hate cleaning (like, REALLY hate it), this situation is a TOTAL LEMON.

It’s not the only lemon-ish part of my house, though.

For the last six months of my pregnancy and the first three months after I had Adrienne, we had our house listed for sale. When it became clear that it wasn’t going to sale at its current price (the lowest one we could afford), our agent recommended taking it off the market for a while.

So we did. And now we’re stuck here for a while longer.

It’s a small house, and an old house where things are breaking or falling apart on a fairly regular basis. It stays cluttered because I don’t have enough space to put things – and no organization system has conquered the lack of shelves, closets and office-slash-guestroom. What worked fine eleven years ago for a family of two has become very crowded for our family of four.

No hall closet? LEMON.
Laundry in the garage? LEMON.
Teeny tiny kitchen? BIG FAT LEMON.

It’s true. This house – this messy, too-small house – is a lemon. But here’s what else is true: It doesn’t take that long to clean it up.

It’s past my bedtime now, so I’m going to do the bare minimum before crashing. But tomorrow? It will only take me about an hour to whip this place into shape. I’m not saying it will be sparkling or anything (ugh. I said I hate cleaning!), but the dishes and the toys and the laundry and the papers and the Cheerio confetti? It will all get swept up and put away in the same amount of time it takes me to watch one more episode of Greek.

And THAT is how I’m making lemonade out of my house.

Does your house ever hand you lemons? How do you make lemonade?

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