It’s well documented around these parts that Mondays pretty much never go as planned. [Ever.]

This one was no different.

I forgot until Sunday afternoon that today was a teacher work day. In other words, no school. In other words, I got to spend all day with both my girls.

Which is fun. Truly. We did have a nice day together. But it definitely did not include hours to work. Or write.

So today’s post is real life, friends.

The lemons?
– My house (that I DID get cleaned up) is a mess again.
– I didn’t have a single minute to turn on my computer until now.
– I’ve had a weird stomach ache for the past two days.

The lemonade?
– Both girls behaved pretty well today.
– A whole day offline is a gift, not a burden.
– Annalyn loves playing doctor.

That’s all I’ve got today.

How did YOU make lemonade out of lemons on this Monday, Monday?

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