This day has been one of whiplash. A day of lemonade and lemons, clouds and silver linings. My brain is muddy and spinning and ready for bed. But first a few thoughts:

The Allume Conference

It was such an amazing weekend! But … balancing my checkbook is a reminder of how expensive this conference was for me.

At the same time, it’s hard to put a price on connecting with friends in person and hearing from God, loud and clear.

Despite my best intentions, though, I was drop-dead exhausted when I got home and completely worthless yesterday.

I got some good sleep last night, however – and, even more importantly, a shower this morning, so I felt much better today.

My suitcase was full of more to-dos and some new (and some remembered) to-changes.

But I also came home much more settled and secure than I have from so many other conferences and retreats. {Could I be growing?}

My amazing, aggravating daughter

I love that strong-willed, sassy-mouthed girl in the next room. So much!

But holy tantrums, Batman, does she drive me crazy!

Parent-teacher conferences make me nervous, even though I swear we’re trying to log reading minutes each night, we are. And after that first spelling test we started practicing her words every afternoon. Almost every afternoon …

The conference went great, though! Annalyn’s teacher seems to think she’s as fantastic as I do, so I can’t possibly disagree with that.

But then came the tearful confession of a secret, repeat offense that kept her up two hours past her bedtime. Guilt will do that to a girl.

At least she confessed. And it’s really not the end of the world. Although, ugh, again? Again.

Then there’s baseball.

I don’t like baseball. I don’t. Not really. Mark loves it. A LOT. It’s his favorite. It’s my … not-favorite. But this whole Royals in the World Series thing? Pretty fun. Pretty exciting. Pretty I-can’t-walk-away-from-the-TV.

And tonight? Mark got to go to game six. Whaaaaaa???

Of course, it was because our friend got sick and couldn’t use the tickets she bought for her husband.

And they insisted Mark take them. Despite him asking (and my repeated calls and texts to ask) if they were sure, really sure.

I was in tears over how that stinks for our friends. Mark was nearly in tears over that … that and the unexpected gift of a real dream coming true on a Tuesday night.

Even though my DVR is almost full, I watched – of all things! – a baseball game tonight. I don’t even know what’s happening.

So, you see? Lots of lemonade in there, along with at least a bowl-full of lemons. Clouds and linings that are silver. Good and bad and back and forth again.

All on a Tuesday.

How’s your week going?

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