Last Friday was a really bad day.

I made light of it on Facebook, calling it a no good, horrible, very bad day. But it’s more accurate, more honest to say it was the kind of day that wore me down, that pushed me to the edge and then pushed me one foot farther. It was a day that made me mad and made me sad and did both with such vehemence I really started wondering what Friday had against me. It was a day I was glad to see end when I finally met my pillow near midnight.

But it wasn’t all bad.

A couple days removed from that painful day, I have a bit more perspective. As my piercing headache faded, so did my stress fog. It abated enough to remember that Friday wasn’t the worst thing to ever happen to me after all.


Today I was in the car with Mark. I was feeling extra super nice and let him turn the radio to the sports talk station. I wasn’t really paying attention, but one of the men being interviewed caught my attention as he talked about football strategy and statistics. (Because, of course. How could that NOT hold my interest?)

He said that a team doesn’t have to win for three and a half hours, that they don’t have to win for four full quarters. He said a team just has to win enough moments.

You just have to win enough moments.

His point was that a football team doesn’t have to be flawless from the toin coss to the last buzzer of the fourth quarter. It simply has to win enough moments to do better than the other team.

As the subject changed on the radio, I scrambled to open up the notebook app on my phone, asking Mark, “Wait! Who was that? Who is that guy?” and he wondered, “What are you doing? Why do you care?”

Like I told him, I don’t give a rip about football strategy, but that guy had a good point about life.


We don’t have to be perfect; we just have to win enough moments. Our lives don’t have to be flawless; we just need to pay attention to those winning moments.

When I think back to Friday (yes, all the way back to Friday), I remember that I did actually win a few moments.

  • I woke up before Annalyn, actually getting dressed before she even rolled out of bed.
  • There for about 47 seconds, my house was pretty well picked up. (I won’t say “clean,” because it wasn’t. But it was picked up, and that was a huge improvement.)
  • I had fun spending the evening with the sweet girls my friends are fostering while they went to a wedding.
  • I managed to get to the store and get ingredients for us to have personalized English muffin pizzas for dinner. And cookies. From the bakery.
  • After her tantrum (and the consequences that followed), Annalyn felt guilty enough that she couldn’t sleep. (I count this as a win because evidence that the Lord is still working on her heart gives me hope despite the disobedience and disrespect we’ve been fighting for months.)
  • When I sent up a distress flag on Facebook, asking for emergency computer help, a former co-worker was kind enough to stop his Friday night and walk me through a solution.
  • Baby giggles. (Is there a better winning moment than THAT?)


Friday was a really bad day. AWFUL. But you know what? I’ll take it anyway, because in the end, I won enough moments.

What moments have you won recently?

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