It’s that time of year when we talk about how fast time flies, when we lament the loss of autumn and short sleeves and those days when our kids were so cute and well-behaved. (That was a thing, right? Back then, before time went so fast and we got here?)

It’s also that time of year when we talk about how stressful the holidays are and how this year is going to be different and should we shop early or often or never or what?

But I’m thinking we take a break from all that today and talk about another timely topic. You guessed it: the new TV shows of the fall!

A couple weeks ago at Allume, a friend asked me what I’m watching these days. My real answer was too long for conference lunch small talk – but just right for a blog post. The parameters? I’m only talking shows that debuted this fall, and I’m only talking about shows I watched (or listed in my fall TV preview post).

The Short Answers

  • A to Z – cute but cancelled. *sad trombone*
  • Gotham – haven’t watched and probably won’t.
  • How to Get Away with Murder – ditto.
  • Manhattan Love Story – awful and cancelled.
  • Mulaney – didn’t watch and won’t bother.
  • Red Band Society – and ditto again.
  • State of Affairs – hasn’t started yet, but I’m still looking forward to it.

The Longer Answers

  • Black-ish – I watched a few episodes but I didn’t love it. Lots of people love it! I know! I wanted to, but so far . . . I don’t.
  • NCIS: New Orleans – I watched it but wasn’t impressed enough to keep watching. There’s nothing wrong with it; I just don’t need to add it to my already-overworked DVR.
  • Scorpion – I really liked the first episode but haven’t watched any others. I’m hoping to catch up over the holidays.
  • Selfie – Well, this is a real bummer. I didn’t like the first episode and wanted to write it off. But Lisa-Jo convinced me to watch it because she loved it so very much. So I gave it another try and watched six episodes in a row. Then? It was cancelled. *VERY SAD TROMBONE*

The Best Answers

  • Benched – This new 30-minute sitcom on USA is hilarious. It’s also rated a solid PG-13, so don’t pick this one up if language bothers you. It stars Eliza Coupe from Happy Endings as a high-powered attorney who had a breakdown, lost her job and now works as a public defender. It also has the guy from Better Off Ted, so that’s another plus.
  • The Flash – I love this show! (And I’m watching it as I write this!) It’s as good as the Arrow, but a lot lighter. Except for Tom Cavanaugh’s character, which is a bummer because I really only want to see him as Ed (from Ed, one of my favorite shows EVER). But the rest of the show is super fun, and I’m loving it.
  • Forever – Okay, so this one really is a basic procedural that’s not that much different from all the others. But I like the main characters, so I’m going to keep watching for a while.
  • Jane the Virgin – It’s a ridiculous premise, right? A 23-year-old virgin is accidentally inseminated by her boss. And then there’s a fiance who’s a cop, so there’s a murder mystery, too. And her Lorelai-like mom and a surprise dad she never knew until now, big coincidence, and oh, so much more. (Did I mention that one time a long time ago she kissed her boss, before he was her boss? Yeah, that’s a thing, too.) I KNOW. It sounds crazytown and silly, and being on the CW doesn’t help my sales pitch here. BUT IT IS SO GOOD! It is funny and quirky and melodramatic but in a winking sort of way that’s charming despite the ridiculousness. And all the twisty drama that other shows would draw out for seasons and seasons? They just cut to the chase and deal with it. In soapy, dramatic (and almost always funny) fashion.
  • Madam Secretary – I was trying to tell a friend why this is one of my favorite new shows of the season, and her husband interpreted my words to mean I think I could’ve been the Secretary of State. I’m not saying I couldn’t have been (you don’t know, maybe I could’ve been!), but that is not what I was saying. I was SAYING that watching this show reminds me of who I used to be or who I wanted to be or the days when I wore nice clothes and walked down hallways in clicky shoes. I don’t know. It makes me feel feelings, and I have half a whole blog post written about it, if you must know. In my head. So, stay tuned for THAT brilliance and in the meantime, watch this show if you like political things. I’m not sure how realistic it is, but since so far, the good guys keep winning (and the family relationships are realistic and just GOOD), I’m pretending like this is real life. (Not to be confused with thinking it could have been MY real life. I never said that part, okay?)
  • Marry Me – Oh, guys. I didn’t think this would be good, but it turns out . . . it is. It’s really funny, and totally worth half an hour of my life. I’m glad this one (as opposed to all the other, similar ones) hasn’t been cancelled yet. It’s pretty much like watching Happy Endings with a few different characters.

What’s your take on this fall’s new TV shows?

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