It might be the bleak midwinter when the air is so cold it hurts our faces, but it’s also time for new TV shows. And that pretty much makes everything better, no?

Yes, pretty much.

Also, important note before diving into my [equally important] thoughts on mid-season TV premieres . . . Remember that time I started a TV blog? Wouldn’t that graphic up there have been GREAT for it? Yeah, I thought so, too.

Too bad that blog kind of flopped. And I hadn’t seen that graphic then anyway. ANYWAY.

I watched three new TV shows this week, so it seemed like this is the right time to talk about all the new TV goodness heading our way this month!


First, the shows I’ve watched.

  • Galavant: I was so very excited for this show. As I commented on Facebook, I’ve been waiting for it since I saw the very first preview – OR FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE. Wellllll, I don’t think this is what I’ve been waiting my whole life for, but it was pretty funny. Galavant is a fairytale musical spoof, and it stars Lassiter from Psych as BY FAR the funniest character (the king). It also features John Stamos as a guest star, which is never a bad move. For eight episodes I will thoroughly enjoy it. And when Once Upon a Time returns, I might possibly be sad when those fairytale characters both do not sing and take themselves extremely seriously. (Sundays on ABC)
  • Agent Carter: I wasn’t sure if this would be for me, since I didn’t love the first Captain America movie, still haven’t seen the second one, and have not watched Agents of SHIELD (the other Marvel TV show) at all. But then there’s the part where it’s a female hero and . . . wait, no, that was it. I watched it for that reason only, and you know what? I LOVED IT. To be clear, I don’t love Chad Michael Murry WHATSOEVER. I swear it’s like he’s playing dress-up and pretend. But maybe I’ve watched A Cinderella Story too many times to see him as anything other than a high school student secretly in love with Hilary Duff. Either way, I like this show a lot. (Tuesdays on ABC)
  • Hindsight: So there’s time travel and 90s nostalgia. Um, why WOULDN’T I watch this? I don’t know, maybe because it’s on VH1? Whatever. It is, and I watched it anyway – and YES, I liked it. YES, I added it to my DVR. YES, it might’ve been better as a Hallmark movie, but I don’t care and will watch it for now. If you’re about my age, you’ll probably like it, too. And wish you still had a big flannel shirt.

There’s one show I haven’t watched that I find intriguing . . . based on the commercials . . . which were made to intrigue me. That’s Empire. Did anyone watch that one? What did you think?


And then there are not-new premiering shows:

  • Downton Abbey: I stopped watching this a few seasons ago when I read a spoiler about a main character dying. THIS IS WHY SPOILERS ARE THE WORST. (And, you know, also why I should probably not read so many entertainment websites. Whatever.) But many of you still love this show and are watching it, so feel free to discuss in the comments (without spoilers, DUH). Or berate me for no longer watching. Whatever floats your boat. (Sundays on PBS)
  • Parenthood: I can’t handle this show. It is TOO MUCH REAL, HARD, HONEST STUFF. Too much with the emotions, and I just can’t. Linda Holmes of NPR agrees, so obviously I’m right. But I realize some of you are made of hardier stuff than me and will watch this to the end. Which is coming up soon. You’re crying now, aren’t you? Not so tough now, are you? (I’m kidding. Anyone who can handle this show is way tougher than me. Way.) (Thursdays on NBC)
  • Suits: Fine, fine, nothing special about this season premiere. But I love this show and can’t WAIT to see who gets LITT UP now that Louis (Litt) has been made partner. (Who else watches this one?) (Wednesdays on USA)
  • Parks & Recreation: Oh man. Now I *am* going to cry! I adore this show. It is super funny, but the characters? I JUST LOVE THEM. And they love each other. And the actors seem to love each other. And they have fun making this show, and I am definitely going to cry at all the parts of this last [short] season! (No, that photo is not from the upcoming season. But I found it and couldn’t resist it. I mean, come on! Balloon Leslie and Ben?!) (Tuesdays on NBC)

The Odd Couple - Cast Promotional Photo

And, last a few shows coming up later this winter/spring:

  • Fresh Off the Boat: Will this be funny? I have no idea. I saw a preview that made me chuckle, and I read an article that promised it would be great. But I’m not sure. Thoughts? (Wednesdays on ABC)
  • The Odd Couple: This will not be good. I’m sure it will not be. I can’t even find a trailer. Or any actual information other than that it stars Matthew Perry. But since I seem to be incapable of NOT watching any show with Matthew Perry, I will be watching anyway. (Thursdays on CBS)
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Created by Tina Fey, this show . . . no, that’s it. The rest of it sounds iffy – girl escapes from cult and tries to make it in New York City, sold to Netflix by NBC for two seasons. Basically, I think Tina Fey is very smart and funny, so I’ll check out this show for that reason alone.

What did I miss? What are you watching right now?

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