I spent this weekend in a hotel room working on my book.

In the past when I heard about someone hiding away to write, I imagined a cozy cabin with mountain views. I’ll admit, sometimes I also assumed said writer was hunched over a typewriter slowly turning into a certifiable crazy person who talks to birds and walls and lives on coffee and granola. But mostly it was this:


A place to enjoy nature, to be inspired by God’s creation. Maybe even a beach to walk on, to ponder deep things while taking a short break from my hard work…


Of course I’d be up at dawn to drink my coffee… (Who IS this lady? I don’t know. But she is definitely thinking important thoughts that will surely turn into a best-seller.) (Too bad I still don’t really like coffee.)


No matter what images came to mind when I heard mention of a writer’s retreat, I definitely did not envision a small-town hotel with a mediocre breakfast buffet and a lovely view of a frontage road and National Bank.

That’s okay. Because a) this hotel is the retreat I could afford and b) sequestering myself for a few days, with no kids or appointments or errands or laundry or TV or alarm clocks, has been GOOD for productivity. It’s also given me the mental space to breathe a bit, to toss around ideas a little more – and to create more work for myself. But that’s okay. It’s good work and it’s going to make the book better.

It’s funny, though. As often as I am alone (working from home and having a husband who works long hours simply mean I am by myself a lot), being “stuck” here in the hotel is making me just a tiny bit stir crazy. And I even left for church and small group on Sunday! But the more hopped up on sugar and Cool Ranch Doritos I get, the more I find myself laughing and crying out loud, talking to myself, and getting the urge to do some jumping jacks just to give my brain a break.

So, that’s been my weekend. I’m so grateful Mark offered to take care of the girls so I could go away to write. And even though it’s a little hotel within a half mile of at least a dozen neon-blinking fast food restaurants and gas stations, it’s exactly what I’ve needed to make major progress with the book.

I’m not saying I would turn down a cabin in the mountains or on the lake. So if you’ve got one handy, let me know. I’m definitely doing this again soon to [hopefully] finish this thing. Especially if you own a unicorn…


Come on! Don’t even tell me that doesn’t look JUST LIKE A UNICORN [without the horn]. Apparently it’s a wild pony, but it was with all these cabin photos, so I’m pretty sure it lives at a cabin. Where people write amazing books.

How was YOUR weekend?

Pssst! Hey! This is that “more conversation” thing I mentioned last week…so go ahead, comment away and let us know what’s going on in your life this week!

Awesome photos are by vastateparksstaff from Flickr’s Creative Commons.

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