Works for Me Wednesday

Dear friends who don’t live close enough to me:

I miss you. I’m still protesting the fact that you moved away/didn’t move closer in the first place. But you know that.

What you might not know is that I have a solution. Sadly, it’s not a cul-de-sac for us to all live on or an apartment building where we all live above our means, mainly because we spend more time in the coffee shop downstairs than actually working. But if you know of a situation like that, let me know. Maybe we can work on that next.

No, my solution requires less packing and absolutely no need to find a new grocery store or gas station. The solution to me missing you every day of my life? VOXER.

Voxer is a free app – and you should TOTALLY GET IT.

Why? Why do you need another app? So you can hear my voice, that’s why! But wait – there’s more and it’s not a fancy knife! You can hear my voice BUT don’t have to talk to me right now!

Voxer is like a walkie-talkie app. Kind of. You leave voice mails (without using your minutes) for people. They can listen to them whenever they want – and then respond whenever they want. If you talk slow or too long (I DON’T KNOW ANYONE LIKE THIS), they can hit fast forward until you sound like the chipmunk version of you.

You can also send text messages (again, without using your text minutes) or photos. And you can create groups and have Voxer group conversations.

So the next time you hear a song or see a video that makes you think of me? (This happens, right? … Right?) You can push that Voxer app button and let me know. And the next time I wonder what you think of last night’s episode of New Girl or the devotion I read this morning? I can leave you a voice message asking.

Way easier than typing a whole long message (and safer when you’re driving, ahem!). And way more personal than another text or Facebook message or email (because we might be old). NOT that I don’t love those things, too. But hearing your voice? Having a real, real-life conversation {without actually talking on the phone because who likes to do THAT anymore?}?

That is priceless and it works for me. So, friends who used to live near me and now don’t live near me? Get Voxer, will you? (Please?)

Dear Lisa-Jo: You were right. Voxer is the best. The end.

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