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After I drop Annalyn off at school each morning, I turn up the radio and flip back and forth between my two favorite stations. I’m not searching for music, though; I’m hoping to find the morning show DJs talking.

I’ve loved listening to the silly banter of morning shows since I first began working full-time (and, therefore, began driving every morning). But ever since I left my full-time job to work from home, I haven’t really listened to a lot of talk radio or podcasts. My commute is the three minutes between my house and the elementary school, and that’s not really enough time to tune into someone else’s conversation. And during my longer drives, I often have a baby along for the ride who masquerades as a baby pterodactyl.

(I’m saying she screeches. Loudly. A lot.)

Then when I’m home, I either have that baby dinosaur around and we’re listening to children’s music or watching “Melmo” or other Muppets. Or she’s taking a nap and I’m working COMPLETELY SILENTLY. (She’s a light sleeper. Sigh.)

But lately I’ve remembered how much I love listening to podcasts or talk radio. When I was grossly underemployed in my last full-time office job, I kept sane by listening to various podcasts about working moms, pop culture and entertainment. And sanity wasn’t the only benefit; I also spent that time highly entertained and often left it informed or educated about a topic that mattered to me.

So I’ve decided it’s time I got on board the podcast train.

I’ve been using the methods Jessica Turner talks about in her book, The Fringe Hours, to figure out when and where I can listen to podcasts. I don’t struggle with making time for myself the way a lot of women she quotes in her book do. I don’t feel guilty doing something for myself or taking time for my own interests.

But I’m also not exactly rich with quality me time.

I’m not truly enjoying myself when I try to do four things at once, including something I like to do for fun. I’m not truly relaxing or refreshing my spirit when I cram my “me time” into the cracks and crevices of the chaotic everyday. And I realized that I’m actually doing myself a disservice by spending all my “me time” on my easy, go-to, fall-back hobbies of reading and TV when I’d probably find more enjoyment out of a new hobby or something I haven’t done in a while.

Like listen to a podcast while sitting in the carpool line after school, instead of scrolling through Facebook for 15 minutes or reading another couple of chapters of a mediocre book.

And while I periodically examine where I’m using my time, it’s always in an attempt to be more productive and to accomplish more. It’s certainly not a practice I’ve designed to find more time for fun! The Fringe Hours points out something I knew but needed to be reminded: there’s a time for work and there’s a time for play, and we simply must find a balance.

So I’m figuring out the when and where of this new [fun] thing I’m going to [intentionally] do – but I need your help figuring out the WHAT. Do you know how many podcasts are out there? SO MANY! {Sidenote: I have talked with a couple friends for YEARS now about starting a podcast of my own. One day, friends…one day.} I’ve started a list of podcasts to subscribe to, and I already listen to a few on a semi-regular basis anyway. But I’d love to make a good list of The Best Podcasts to listen to during my currently misused but soon-to-be better used fringe hours.

Will you help me make that list of The Best Podcasts?

Leave your recommendations in the comments, and I’ll compile a final list and share it in a few weeks!

Do you listen to podcasts? What’s your favorite?

If you haven’t read The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner, I’d recommend it! It’s NOT about doing more and trying harder. It’s about making room in your life for the things that matter most – including yourself – and then letting go of the rest. It’s about choosing joy and making the most of your moments, and it’s on sale at DaySpring.

Evaluating my fringe hours and finding great podcasts to listen to work for me!

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