10 Things That Make Me Say, "Shut Up & Take My Money" {the book edition}

On Monday I mentioned reading an article that talked about words, phrases or even genres of books that make us say, “Shut up and take my money!” You know, the ones that we’ll read no matter what because of the description, the premise, the main character, the author.

It’s why I’ve read all 21 books in the Stephanie Plum series even though they haven’t been good for a long time, and it’s why, for a time, I read every single dystopian or post-apocalyptic young adult novel I could find.

{And why I have watched a straight-to-video, basically-a-Hallmark movie on Netflix not once but twice now. Because it has ALL THE THINGS I LOVE: childhood friends getting involved romantically after pretending to be engaged. All. The. Things.}

Anyway. Back to the books. For you it might be a time period (Regency for me), a geographical setting (expats in Paris, please!), a character’s occupation (bakers, bookstore owners and party planners are always welcome here), or a type of relationship (high school sweethearts reunited? count me in!). It’s your “You had me at hello,” but instead of “hello” it’s whatever makes you stop and refuse to spend one more minute reading a description because you MUST HAVE IT NOW.

Since I read that post I’ve thought a lot about it. I wondered, what are MY triggers? (And on a scale of 1 to ridiculous, how good – or not – are they?) And since we talk about books a lot around here, of course I want to know what makes YOU say, “Shut up and take my money,” too!

Here’s what I want to read, every time:

  • Time travel (or, occasionally, alternate universes)
  • “Quirky” small town
  • Fairy tale retelling or reimagining (or twisted fairy tale)
  • Teen spies
  • Mistaken or hidden identity (bonus points for secret pen pal situations like You’ve Got Mail or Dear Mr. Knightley)
  • Heists and cons
  • Political intrigue or thrillers or, best of all, conspiracy
  • Secret powers or talents revealed
  • Big families with close-knit siblings (e.g., the O’Malleys in Dee Henderson books)
  • Romance with a famous person (or, for the nerds or outcasts, a really popular person) (Don’t judge me.)

Okay, I could say so much more on this topic! For example, what are the movies and TV shows that trigger my I MUST HAVE YOU NOW response? And, oh, what stories do the opposite and trigger my NOPE, NO WAY, NO HOW response? (Creepy kids, beloved pets dying, parents losing children – you know, those things.)

And we HAVE GOT TO talk about how zombies are my least favorite monster despite their incomprehensible popularity, but I’m as intrigued by fairies as my seven-year-old daughter. Why do you people like zombies so much? And am I alone on the fairies?

But first, tell me…

What makes YOU say, “Shut up and take my money”?

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