45+ New Recipes I Want to Try in 2015

I love Pinterest. One place to save all the great ideas I find and things I want to do? Count me in! Thousands of pins in, as a matter of fact.

Of course those thousands of pins are sorted into dozens of specific boards, but it can still be overwhelming to sift through them to find what I need at any given moment. Like, for instance, when I want to try a new recipe. Since I don’t always want to scroll through several hundred delicious pins, I created a new board specifically for this purpose: Recipes to Try in 2015.

I was really proud of this idea. But then, I attempted to put my new recipe-testing system to work. And, well, it hasn’t worked out all that great. I’ve been foiled by unproductive grocery trips (i.e. I forget to buy all the requisite ingredients AGAIN.), cancelled dinners, and that pesky decision to sign up for Weight Watchers again. (You might notice that I don’t pin a lot of diet-friendly dishes…)

Still. I’m not giving up. I really do want to try new recipes more often. And despite something going wrong about three out of every four times I attempt a new recipe, it’s not a bad plan. It turns out that it’s just not an easy one!

That’s why I’m still pinning new recipes, hopeful I’ll get the chance to try a few of them soon. And in case you’re curious about which recipes I’m going to try (although you know I’ll probably tell you about the ones that turn out well!), here’s the list (so far!).

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Recipes I Want to Try in 2015


pizza bake

That’s the [very long already!] list. Trying new recipes works for me!

What’s the last new recipe you tried?

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