At one point yesterday I was so over my family I daydreamed for a minute about leaving them at Mount Rushmore.

Yes, it’s that time: family vacation time. And for some reason, as I was packing and planning and putting enough snacks for a much larger family in individual snack-sized bags, I forgot that it was MY family going with me on my family vacation.

This morning I clicked on Instagram to share a photo and noticed an acquaintance had posted her own family vacation photo. Of her family that has, according to the caption, traveled a great distance for many days. Her family that she still likes.

[Insert internet-induced growl here.]

Because, really? What is wrong with my family that we can’t make it seven hours, much less seven weeks with a positive, loving attitude toward each other?


I stared at that picture for a minute longer and then I remembered. I hadn’t gone on vacation with my friend’s family. I’d gone on vacation with mine. My loud, obnoxious, can’t-we-all-just-get-along (no-we-can’t) family.

Also known as my funny, resilient, try-it-again, have-fun-even-if-it-kills-us family.

So today on our last full day of vacation, I remembered that my family is not her family or their family or that better-than-reality family I imagine we could be if we just tried a little bit harder. I remembered that the reason we’re on vacation in the first place is that we love each other and want to spend extra time together.

I remembered to love the ones I was with – even if they reminded me a whole lot of the Griswolds. Even if they reminded me a whole lot of the not-perfect-but-mine family I live with every day.


Enjoying my vacation – and my family – for what it is (and not what I dream it could be) works for me!

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

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