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If you’re new here for my 31 Days series, thanks for joining us! I’m going to spend the next month writing about all the ways and all the things I’m just not sorry for anymore. I think this is going to be fun! So if you’re new and want to know more about me or about this blog, click over to my about page. But come back quickly because we have lots to talk about!

When I was in high school my mom read a magazine article about how women apologize too much. The author of the article recommended that, when receiving bad news, women should say, “I’m sorry to hear that,” instead of, “I’m sorry.”

After all, if your grandma broke her hip, it’s not my fault. So I shouldn’t say, “I’m sorry.”

My mom told me about that article and made sure I told my best friend, too, so we could stop apologizing so much and be stronger and more precise with our language. The trick to this language swap is to make sure your sincerity comes through, because saying, “I’m sorry to hear that,” can easily sound fake. But we practiced and became pros at using this new-to-us phrase. To this day, I’m pretty sure all three of us still say, “I’m sorry to hear that,” out of habit.

The topic of how much women apologize isn’t new, but the way I’ve been thinking about it is. At least it’s new for me.

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See, as I have written about and learned about giving up on perfect, I’ve realized I have a grace problem. And that’s connected to a problem accepting myself (and, sometimes, others), while I find myself in a fruitless, frustrating fight to be someone I was never created to be.

And when I fail? (Because of COURSE I fail. Trying to be someone else is never a strategy for success!) When I fail, I’m embarrassed. Ashamed, really. And so I apologize. When I come face to face with my the ways I am lacking, the ways I don’t measure up to the person I’m trying to be, I am sorry. So I say I’m sorry, or I say something that means I’m sorry. Or I do things or speak in ways or treat my relationships that all add up to: I’m sorry.

What I’ve been thinking lately is that all that apologizing is just one more way I’m trying to be perfect. And just like all my other attempts at perfection? It’s exhausting. And I don’t think all this trying…and failing…and apologizing is what God has in mind for my life, for me.

So this month, I’m giving it all a rest. I’m going to retire my tired apologies and give up, one more time, on being perfect. Will you join me? Will you find a few things that you’re not really sorry about – and quit apologizing for them? Will you, like I hope to, quit apologizing for being YOU and not someone else?

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This post is part of the 31 Days Writing Challenge. To read all the posts in this series, click here. And to learn more about this challenge or to find more series to read, visit Write31Days.com. Apple photos courtesy of my brother, James.

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