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Earlier today I read an article about Jennifer Lawrence. It was actually – in the beautiful way that the internet has – an article about an article about Jennifer Lawrence. Right.

Anyway, the point of the piece was that Lawrence had made some strong statements about gender equality in business (including the show business kind of business). What she said – in the excerpt I read – sounded strong, smart, fair and well-thought-out. It made me appreciate her a lot more than other things I’ve read. And it addressed the issues (of women being paid less than men for doing the same work, of women being treated or viewed differently when speaking as assertively as men) in a way that was not in any way hysterical or reactive or whiny or any of the other adjectives sometimes used to describe statements made by women about gender equality.

It was a good article, and I liked it very much.

And then I scrolled down to the comment section.

Dang it! Why did I do that?! I know better!!

Actually, the article (and subsequent comment section) was posted on a site that generally has well-behaved though opinionated readers sharing their thoughts in the comment section. Often in GIF form, which I find highly amusing.

But this time? Blergh.

Apparently a reader went to the original article and read the entire piece and then came back to the excerpt I read to comment about something else Lawrence said. Something that was seemingly less strong and smart and all-around awesome.


I’m sure, if you’ve ever been on the internet, you can imagine the debate that ensued. It was lovely.

This time? Well, this time I *am* sorry I ventured into the comment section! Why did I read the comments? NEVER READ THE COMMENTS!


Sometimes, on some sites, the comments are the best part. Or at least the equally good part. The part where the community really clicks, connecting with the writer and with each other, sharing hearts and ideas and passions and insights. I LOVE reading those comment sections. And I would LOVE to have a comment section like that here (or over here). Comments are, honestly, my social media love language.

Not a lot of blogs get tons of comments these days. My blogging friends tell me – when I lament the loss of comments – that I need to get over it, that people just don’t comment anymore, that “ain’t nobody got time for that,” blah, blah, blah. And I tell them that I don’t care. One comment can make my day. I just love hearing from people and learning a bit of their stories and, honestly, getting a little response to what I’ve shared. I love comments and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

So, while I’m sorry I let one comment section on one site get me riled up for a few minutes this afternoon, I’m not all that sorry that I love comments. It’s why I became a blogger, if you want to know. Because of the community I felt in the comment section of my friend’s blog – and then her friends’ blogs, I wanted to build a place like that of my own.

I’m not sorry for reading comments – even today. I love comments – and [most of the time, except this afternoon on that one site] comments work for me!

Do you read comments? {Do you leave comments?}

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