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During Annalyn’s birthday party over the weekend, a couple of the moms stayed for the fun. As we watched the girls run around the backyard, spraying silly string at each other and giggling, the conversation made its way to jobs and taxes and commutes. (I know. So much fun you can hardly stand it!)

Mark mentioned that I’m self-employed, and one of the moms said, “Do you mind if I ask what you do?”

My answer was real smooth. “Oh. Um. No! Yeah. I’m, um, I’m, uh, I’m a writer.”

It got even more awkward when she asked what I write, and I had to talk about blogs. That are on the internet. Where I work. From my house. (I heard someone say recently that his spiritual gift is awkwardness. I think that might be a real thing.)

I think maybe I need to practice saying it out loud: “I am a writer. I write for websites, and I am the co-author of a book coming out in January.”

Boom. Just like that. (Why was it so hard??) All my stuttering and playing down what I do and what I love is just another apology. And that’s just crazy, because I’m not sorry to be a writer at all. On the contrary! I’m incredibly grateful I get to do what I do. So the next time someone asks me what I do, I’m not hemming or hawing – or apologizing. I’m going to simply say: I write. I’m a writer.

Are you a writer? Do you find it hard to say so? Or do you find it hard to explain anything else that you “are”?


Speaking of my writing, here are a few posts I’ve written lately for other sites.

Getting to Know Our Daughters :: Mothers of Daughters
When we get a chance to breathe and to pray and to listen and to think clearly, it’s good for us to consider how God has made our girls. Because, though we share a gender and possibly a hair color or eye shape or body type or food preferences, our girls are not us. They are unique souls God made with all the creativity in the universe. They are individuals. They are different and special and amazing.

Secrets to Stealing Some Space of Your Own :: Mom Advice
I couldn’t whip that garage into any shape at all, because my entire house was out of shape. And THAT is why I’d been feeling so out of sorts. When we transformed our guest room/office into a nursery, I didn’t think twice about it (other than to be grateful for a third, albeit tiny, bedroom). And when we moved my desk into my older daughter’s room and our bookshelves into storage, I was so happy to have cleared space in our living and dining rooms, which would surely help us sell the house quicker.

[Spoiler alert: It did not help us sell the house quicker. Or at all. #thatsanotherstory]

Those moves were good things and for good reasons, but they also effectively stole all of MY spaces from our house.

When Your House is Falling Apart :: (in)courage
Transformation — whether we’re talking about a house or a heart — is not a pretty process. True rehabilitation, true change only happens when the old, crumbling, moldy, and rusty parts are stripped away, revealing the naked truth underneath. Because it’s only when we are elbow-deep in mud and muck that we can see the strong, shining bones below on which we can build something beautiful.

What do you say when someone asks what you do or what you are?

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