Gifts for You When You Pre-Order the Choose Joy Book

You guys. Did you know that Choose Joy is already available for pre-order?! I mean, you can find it in online bookstores AND BUY IT?!!

It’s crazy. And feels surreal, honestly. I just can barely believe it. But it’s true. Choose Joy: Finding Hope & Purpose When Life Hurts is available to pre-order at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Family Christian, and Christian Book. And if you go ahead and order your copy (or copies!) now, we have some wonderful gifts to give you.

Gifts for You When You Pre-Order the Choose Joy Book

If you order one copy of Choose Joy, you’ll receive this beautiful custom print from Kristin of Winsome Easel. Don’t you love it?! I do. And I’ve been trying it out in various frames around my house. I think I finally found the perfect arrangement… What do you think?

Gifts for You When You Pre-Order the Choose Joy Book

When you order your copy of Choose Joy, you’ll also receive a small group guide with discussion questions to accompany the book. My prayer is that these questions will help you dive into the content a little deeper, either on your own or with a group. It’s one thing to read about someone who has chosen joy despite difficult circumstances; it’s a whole other thing to learn how to do it ourselves. (Ask me how I know…!)

Gifts for You When You Pre-Order the Choose Joy Book

Gifts for You When You Pre-Order the Choose Joy Book

See that necklace? Lisa Leonard designed it just for us! [No, that’s not me wearing it. Obviously. It’s my girls’ favorite babysitter, Emma. As in, “She’s my Emmy!” “No! She’s MY Emmy!” Yes, that is a real argument my children had in the car last night. They adore her and so do I – even before she volunteered to be my jewelry model!]

If you order Choose Joy now, you’ll be entered into a drawing for one of five (5) Lisa Leonard custom Choose Joy necklaces. Winners will be selected randomly on December 11, so you’ll receive it in time for Christmas!

Finally, if you want to share Choose Joy with your friends and family and order at least three (3) copies of the book, you’ll be entered into a drawing for one of two (2) sets of DaySpring’s Letterpress Blocks spelling “Choose Joy.” I don’t have a set myself (yet!), but they’ll look like this:

choose joy letterpress blocks

So, to sum up, if you order your copy of Choose Joy now, you’ll receive a Choose Joy print by Winsome Easel and a small group discussion guide, and you’ll be entered to win a custom-made Lisa Leonard Choose Joy necklace! Wowsa! (And don’t forget the letterpress blocks from DaySpring if you order three or more copies of the book!)

How do you get your free gifts? Easy! When you purchase Choose Joy, send an email with your proof of purchase (i.e. a photo of your receipt, a forwarded copy of your receipt) to choosejoybook (at) gmail (dot) com. Then we’ll send you the gifts (and enter you into the drawings)!

I can’t wait for you all to read this book. The story that Sara told with her life and her words is one that changed my heart and continues to do that every day. I’m praying that it will encourage and inspire you, too!

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