What I'm Listening To: October 2015

Sometimes I’m afraid to Shazam a song. Because nothing can dampen my musical mood by finding out the new song I’m thoroughly enjoying is by … Justin Bieber.

SIGH. The Biebs. Dang it!

Nevertheless, my first move when I hear a new song and am intrigued in some way – either because I like it a lot, think I recognize the voice but can’t place it, or find the whole thing unacceptable – is to Shazam it.

You guys know Shazam, right? It’s an app for your phone that identifies a song and its artist simply by listening to it. You literally push a button, and it will name whatever tune is playing. It’s brilliant. Seriously. (And yes, I’m using the word as a verb. Don’t tell Merriam-Webster.)

The app also keeps a record of the songs you’ve Shazamed, which is just slightly less mortifying than some month’s Google search histories. And yet I’ve decided that when I can’t write a full What I’m Into post, I’ll share my most recent Shazamed songs with you instead.

Now, I’ve recently seen a lot of Facebook posts with the caption, “Presented without comment.” And, though I’ve rarely presented ANYTHING without comment in my entire life, I considered doing that here. It could be fun, you know, to just drop this list in your proverbial lap and wait for your reaction.

But, well, I just have too much to say for that. So, how about this? I’ll share my list of songs with a little bit of commentary – and you share your reaction or thoughts anyway. Or tell me what songs you’re listening to right now. Or tell me I’m not the only person who’s accidentally liked a Justin Bieber song.

NOTE: I’ve linked to each song’s video (except Nick Jonas, because, gross), so click with caution. I didn’t see anything offensive in them, but your mileage may vary.

What I'm Listening To: October 2015

Shazam! What I’m Listening To:

Where Are U (Justin Bieber, Skrillex & Diplo) – Guys? I can’t even retract my appreciation for this song now that I know it’s by Justin Bieber. I just…really like it. The words and the sound and, hate me, his voice! I like it all. There. Okay? THERE.

Hello (Adele) – Obviously. Because I needed to make sure it was Adele ripping my heart out.

Ex’s & Oh’s (Elle King) – See, I really did need to confirm that last song was Adele, because when I first heard this song, I thought it sounded like Adele, too. Clearly I can’t trust my ears any more than I can trust Elle King’s use of apostrophes. ANYWAY. This song is super catchy and played a lot – and the video made me laugh. I mean, as a not-exactly-thin girl myself, I am pretty sure I understood the motivation behind the whole thing. And, honestly, I can’t judge. (I don’t have to watch it again because it’s also kind of weird. But I get it.)

Perfect (One Direction) – Again, I was a teensy bit embarrassed when I realized who sang this song. Although, not a lot. (Why bother now, when I’ve written an entire blog post about one of their songs?)

Levels (Nick Jonas) – Okay, look. I understand that the 1D boys might be trying a little too hard to be “grown up” with their most recent song. But Nick Jonas? He is out of control. I mean, FOR REAL. Somebody needs to pull him aside and, I don’t know, just talk to the guy. Or make him watch his own videos. They are ridiculous. And this song? Not good. I know that. But, well, it also is catchy, so there it is.

Real Life (Jake Owen) – Annnnnd speaking of things I should hate but just don’t, there’s this song. I know, you guys. This country rap business is stupid. I’ve gone on the record saying how much I do not approve. But I think I’m just going to have to admit it: I might hate myself but I do not hate every country song with psuedo-rap in it. And Jake Owen’s version? The laziest “rap” you’ve ever heard? I know! I should hate that most of all! But I can’t do it. I like this song, and I even like the silly video. I don’t know what to tell you.

It Feels Good (Drake White) – What’s this song about? I don’t know. Some kind of good ol’ boy, feel good stuff, I guess. I don’t really know the words yet, but I love the sound and have Shazamed this one more than once.

What I'm Listening To: October 2015

Smoke Break (Carrie Underwood) – I’m not usually a Carrie Underwood fan. She’s incredibly talented but that screeching high note thing she does is just not my favorite. But this song keeps the wailing in check – and is about a thought I’ve had more than once.

Burning House (Cam) – If this artist didn’t have a distinct country twang and I was simply listening to the beautiful sadness of her song, I might wonder if Adele was ripping out my heart again. But this time it’s another one-name vocalist doing the heart-ripping. And sounding and looking gorgeous while doing it. Whooo. You might not appreciate this one if you don’t like country, but if you do, you’ll understand why it just knocks me out every time I hear it.

Like I’m Gonna Lose You (Meghan Trainor & John Legend) – This is lovely. The end.

Confident (Demi Lovato) – Great message, catchy tune, and a video that is essentially a three-minute action movie? And all of it selling girl power? Count me in.

That Was Then, This is Now (Josh Wilson) – How had I not heard Josh Wilson before? I really like his sound, and while I have since discovered that I adore his, “Pushing Back the Dark,” this song is great, too (and the one I actually Shazamed).

Pause (Plain White T’s) – Nothing profound here. I just liked the sound of it. (Although, possibly interesting fact: the video is apparently one big Lipton Tea commercial. So that’s…something.)

Stranger (Hearts Like Lions) – I’ve only heard this song played on the radio once. And when I began replaying it to figure out why I Shazamed it, I was confused at first. It just sounds like a regular song. Nothing special (although nothing bad either). But then I heard the lyrics and it came back. The words of this song gave me chills, no joke. They make sense to me. They resonate. I don’t know. I think I need to listen more.

Vintage (High Dive Heart) – I definitely want to listen more to this one. It is so fun – and watching the video really ups the fun factor. So I thought I’d include it here for you. Watch it. … Now tell me you’re not grinning a little bit. You are, aren’t you? I told you it was fun!

That’s what I’ve been listening to lately, friends. How about you? What have you been into?

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Photo sources: Lana, Paul Hudson, and Robert.

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