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Someone asked me last week (or the week before…it’s all kind of blurring together, you know?) what’s been the most surprising about the book launch process. I could list lots of things that have not met my expectations and even more things that have exceeded them. And I could point to the hard work and the fun, but even though I didn’t know JUST HOW MUCH hard work and fun would come from this adventure, I knew they’d be part of this.

What has surprised me most of all – and overwhelmed me with gratitude – is the support I’ve felt from both friends and strangers who loved Sara, who love her message of joy and hope, who love me and who love the book. And so today, just 24 hours before the release of Choose Joy: Finding Hope & Purpose When Life Hurts, I find myself leaning on this community and their beautiful, generous words.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be traveling the interwebs, telling various communities about the book and sharing the message that Sara lived and breathed. But as I sit here trying desperately to work on those posts and articles, I’m coming up empty in the words department.

I put together a whole book and have talked about the thing practically nonstop for two years. You’d think I’d have a few words left for this stage of things! (I really want to say, “for the final countdown” and then sing the song from Europe and ask you if it reminds you more of Arrested Development or that Geico commercial, but that would be beside the point and acting as distracted as I feel, and I can’t do that, can I?)


I am confident my words will return any second now, and I’ll be back to talking joy and choice and how both of those things can and will completely change our lives if we let them, if we pursue them. But for now I’m so very grateful for my friends and friends-who-used-to-be-strangers who have written about Choose Joy.

If that’s you? If you’ve written about Choose Joy? THANK YOU. So very much. And please link up your post below! It will also show up on my book page, where we’ll be directing readers for months to come. And if you haven’t read my book yet and wonder why you should, don’t wait for me to tell you. Read what other readers have to say and how Choose Joy is making a difference in their lives.

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