When I first started dreaming up ideas for my book launch party, I tried to think of ways to add JOY to the event. That makes sense, right? I immediately thought of a flash mob. And then I thought of Jimmy Fallon. I mean, flash mobs and Jimmy Fallon bits (specifically those involving lip sync and the history of rap) bring me lots of joy.

Sadly, neither of these options were practical for my little party. I had to look elsewhere for my party-joy. After months of brainstorming and Pinterest-surfing (because obsessive party planning might not follow the guidelines of Plan a Fabulous Party {without losing your mind}, but it sure does make me happy anyway!), I came up with a couple alternatives.

Oreo cupcakes and a photo booth!


I ordered the cupcakes from the bakery at the grocery store, but the photo booth was my pet project. (Because, as I’ve mentioned a time or twenty, I do like to procrastinate big, real, important work with things like making coloring pages and creating song lists. And making a photo booth!)

In case you want to make a photo booth for your next party, here’s how I did it:

  1. Get two large removable adhesive hooks (like Command hooks) and a long tension curtain rod.
  2. Choose your color scheme. I went with black, white, brown and sparkly gold.
  3. Cut each piece of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper in 9 strips. Staple or tape the links into a chain.
  4. Four pieces of paper add up to one paper chain. And for a 6-foot by 6-foot backdrop, I used about 30 chains. (Yes, that’s more than 1,000 links!)
  5. Because sparkly gold paper is expensive, I didn’t make any solid glittery chains. Instead I alternated the brown kraft paper with the gold stuff. (Like, made of gold. It must be to cost that much, right?)
  6. Thread the chains on the curtain rod and hang the curtain rod on the hooks.
  7. Stick a camera on a tripod and find some fun props. (I got mine from Amazon. Great price for 50+ pieces that we just had to adhere to sticks. Stick ’em in a jar, and voila!)

And then? Let the fun – and the joy – begin!















What’s bringing you joy this week?


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