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Five years ago, my friend and co-author Sara wrote this on her blog:

I got a typewriter for my ninth birthday.

It was light brown plastic with a dark brown top, and old fashioned keys that had to be pushed down hard to make the metal lever move. There was no whirring, like my mom’s electric typewriter that sat on her side of the desk in my dad’s office. It was as simple as they come, but it was MINE.

And I decided that made me a writer.

That summer I would try to act grown up and lay out in the afternoon sun with my sisters, trying to get a tan and be fabulous. But in truth, I was far too antsy to lay there and do nothing. So I would haul my typewriter out onto the lawn, set it in front of me on the blanket, and begin my novel.

It was then I decided I would write short stories instead.

Because coming up with a novel at nine was hard. It took more words than I knew and more patience than I had developed. I remember thinking I couldn’t wait for the day when I had something to write about.

In the interim, while I was waiting to live more life so I would have something to say, I instead immersed myself in books. Words melted on my tongue like chocolate and shivered my skin like the tart apple off our trees. Words made me feel emotions I hadn’t experienced and took me places I would never travel. I had to wait to be a writer until I had something to say, but I never had to wait to be a reader.

If you’ve read anything Sara has written – on her blog, on (in)courage, in our book – then you know that she definitely lived a full life and had so much to say. Her message of hope and joy in the midst of incredible challenges, combined with her warm voice and sense of humor, has already changed so many hearts, so many lives. I cannot wait to see how God uses this book to do even more. I’m grateful for the opportunity to partner with Sara this way and so excited for our book’s “birthday.”

And I don’t have to wait any longer. That’s because today – TODAY! – those words and that book are available everywhere. Or, at least in all the major bookstores, including Dayspring, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

Launch Day for Choose Joy

To celebrate today’s book launch, I’m giving away five custom Lisa Leonard Choose Joy necklaces! To enter, simply leave a comment telling me a) that you bought the book (see what I did there?) and b) how you’re going to choose more joy this year. Winners will be randomly selected this Friday, January 8.

If you’d like more information about Sara’s and my book, visit And don’t forget to enter to win a necklace!

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