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The world feels out of control these days, doesn’t it? The anger, the division, the confusion — it all leaves me feel frustrated and helpless. Talking about it — with anyone, no matter how safe or similar they are — sure doesn’t seem to help. Nothing really does. Even eating a pile of Reese’s peanut butter cups.

I was thinking about this tonight. I put it off as long as possible, but I couldn’t avoid looking at the primary results forever. Once I turned my laptop and TV back on, I wasn’t surprised to wish I hadn’t eaten the last of the candy.

Fortunately I have other, less-fattening vices — namely reading and watching TV. And lately I’ve been reading and watching lots of stories about so-called regular people discovering they have special powers. Sure, sure, these stories follow pretty much the same plot points and once you’ve read or watched enough, a lot of them become predictable. But that does not stop me from eating them up.

Superheroes. Paranormal creatures [the good kind, not the bad ones]. Aliens. Demon slayers. Fairy tale characters who remember their stories.

Yup. I love them all. And on days like today — whether it’s an election or a diagnosis or a lost job or a broken relationship — I sure wish I had some superpowers of my own.

That’s what I was thinking about tonight. And then I remembered: I do have a superpower!

My superpower is spelling. Yep. I’m a really good speller. I mean, really good. [Look, I didn’t say modesty was my superpower!] And, sure, maybe this isn’t a power that comes in handy every day [That’s a lie. It totally does. Spelling is important, kids!], but it’s what I have.

How about you? Maybe spelling isn’t your thing [or maybe it is? High five, fellow nerd!], but SOMETHING is. What are you good at — I mean, REALLY good — that most people aren’t? What’s YOUR superpower?

I know we can’t just bury our heads in chocolate and Once Upon a Time marathons when the world feels dark. But maybe just for a minute today, we could put on our capes and remember that we’re not completely powerless? Having superpowers works for me.

What is your superpower?

Also – for more [deeper] encouragement, please don’t miss Lisa-Jo’s post about what to do when you feel like the world is sinking and Jesus is asleep.


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