Dear Mother: You're Not Crazy | Mother Letters book review

You’re not crazy.
You’re not alone.
You’re not failing.

You can do this.
You’re exactly who they need.
You are beautiful, smart, amazing.

If I could sit down with you and tell you those things today, I would. (I’d offer you some chocolate chip cookies, too, OBVIOUSLY, but this post is about words. Not cookies. Anyway.)
I would remind you that you are wonderful and loved, and I’d point out all the ways you are uniquely qualified to be their mom, his wife, my friend.

I’d tell you all those things if I could. And I’d tell every single one of my mom friends those things, too. Because we need to hear them, and I think we need to hear them from other moms.

Dear Mother: You're Not Crazy | a Mother Letters book review

A few years ago I was part of a project called The Mother Letters. Seth Haines asked women to write letters to other moms, and then he packaged them together for his wife and my friend, Amber. I wrote a letter and then was honored to be the editor of what was originally an ebook. Now this beautiful collection of letters, written from mothers to mothers, is being released by Revell as a book — full of encouragement and honesty and humor and heart.

You can read more about Amber and Seth’s story here, but more importantly, you can buy the book itself. I have already ordered multiple copies of this book to give to all my favorite moms. It is a gorgeous book that I can’t stop touching and gazing at, and the short letters make it easy to read — before bed or at breakfast, in the car or the bathroom, in tiny sips or one big gulp. And I want all the moms to read it.

The Mother Letters: Sharing the Laughter, Joy, Struggles and Hope is one of my very favorite projects I’ve ever worked on. If you read it, I know you will love it. And it will whisper all those words straight to your heart, just like I would if we were sitting together today.

The Mother Letters works for me.


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