Getting Ready for Fall TV

New shows should be starting soon, huh?

Sometimes my husband really knows how to speak my love language. And, he’s right. Season premieres of shows both old and new start in just a few days.

Are you ready?

[Side note: If you didn’t know, I’m not sorry that I like to watch TV. And this is why.]

Earlier this summer I watched a whole bunch of previews for the new shows. I took notes and looked at the schedule and realized one thing: THERE’S NO WAY TO WATCH ALL THE GOOD SHOWS ON TV. It’s impossible! Not only are the major networks airing new seasons and new shows starting next week, but so are the cable channels. AND SO ARE the paid cable channels (HBO, Showtime, etc.). And then there’s Netflix and Hulu and Amazon (oh my!). Thankfully, I don’t think Yahoo TV is still a thing, but what in the world is Crackle TV?!

Once I accepted that I simply cannot watch every interesting, entertaining, educational show out there, I breathed a little easier. (Now, don’t worry. I wasn’t REALLY stressing out about which TV shows to watch. But maybe a little.) Sure, I wish I could watch all the critically acclaimed shows, all the watercooler-popular shows, all the must-see TV. But even I, with my refusal to apologize for watching a few hours of TV most days, don’t have that much time.

So we can’t watch it all. We have to pick and choose, and let the rest go…kind of like the rest of life, right?

If you are a big TV-watching nerd like me and want to make yourself a TV schedule, I have a couple links that might help. You can find a calendar of fall premieres here and a fall TV grid (showing which shows are on what day and at what time) here.

And just in case you’re wondering what new shows I’m checking out this year, here’s what I have my DVR set to record:

  • The Good Place (NBC, premieres 9/19 at 9pm CST) – It looks pretty bad, actually, but I’ll give it a try because I think Kristen Bell is hilarious and adorable.
  • Bull (CBS, premieres 9/20 at 8pm CST) – I’m not just watching this one because I’m going to miss Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo on NCIS, although there is that. The premise and the trailer actually look pretty good, so I’ll give it a try!
  • Speechless (ABC, premieres 9/21 at 7:30pm CST) – I really don’t want to clutter up my schedule with half-hour sitcoms. And I don’t love Minnie Driver as much as other people seem to. But I watched this trailer, too, and well, it just looked kind of good. Like, maybe it will be binge-watch-half-a-season-over-Christmas good.
  • Pitch (FOX, premieres 9/22 at 8pm CST) – This show is about the first woman to play in Major League Baseball. Mark and Annalyn are all set to watch it, and I’ll probably watch with them. Girl power, you know.
  • Timeless (NBC, premieres 10/3 at 9pm CST) – IT’S A TIME TRAVEL SHOW, YOU GUYS! Seriously, I think I counted at least THREE time travel shows premiering this year, but this is the one that looks good. I can’t wait for it to start. (Too bad I don’t have a time machine to make that happen a bit sooner…)

I’m sure it’s possible I’m missing the next big show. I won’t be surprised to hear that a lot of you are going to watch “This is Us” (NBC, premiering 9/20 at 9pm CST). And if there’s a new Shonda show coming out, I’ll probably feel a little left out when EVERYONE is talking about it. But I’m picking and choosing – and putting it on my nerdy little TV spreadsheet.

Am I alone in this? Does anyone else strategically plan their TV viewing? Is anyone else excited for the new season to start? What new show are you going to try? What old show are you dying to get back into? Let’s talk TV!

(Because getting ready for fall TV works for me!)

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