The first time I redesigned my website, I was a fairly new blogger with a free site on Blogspot and my “redesign” consisted of creating a new header for my site and adding some poignant song lyrics to the sidebar. It may very well have been the first time I used design software to place words over a photograph, and I know for sure I was extremely proud of myself for doing it.

To create that snazzy graphic, I rounded up all my best books and arranged them on a shelf. And when I say, “best,” I don’t mean my favorite or most frequently read. Nope. I mean my most impressive, most holy, most fancy books — the ones that would prove just how hard I was working at learning and growing as a human person. Considering I was naming my blog, “Giving Up on Perfect,” it’s clear [in hindsight] that I had a long way to go.

Over the years I’ve learned and grown a lot — and I still haven’t read half those books I displayed on that shelf. But I have read a whole lot of other books. And watched some (FINE, a lot) of TV and movies. And do my kids have to beg me to listen to the pop station in the car? No, ma’am, they do not.

I used to be embarrassed by those facts.

Thankfully, some of that learning and growing included a realization that not only is it okay to rest and enjoy my life, but also that God often speaks to me through pop culture. A few years ago, a friend mentioned that she thought my passion was television — and I got real riled up. She was being nice and referring to my short-lived TV blog, but it bugged me. Eventually I figured out that what bothered me was that my passion isn’t television (or YA novels or boy bands or superhero movies), but it IS finding truth in unexpected places in the world around us. Connecting the dots between a story I read or watch, a conversation with my kids, or the sound of the smoke alarm going off, again, while I cook dinner and the Word of God makes my heart beat fast as I am convicted or encouraged or inspired or comforted – and I love nothing more than sharing those connections with other people.

And THAT is what I’m going to be doing a lot more around here. Chatting with you about all our favorite stuff but also finding (and sharing) encouragement and Truth wherever I can.

Hence, the makeover.

I am so excited to reveal the pretty new face of my website. I never imagined purple would be where we’d land, but my amazing designer (whose skills FAR surpass my ability to drop text over a picture of books) took all the ideas and thoughts and dreams and opinions I gave him — and created this beautiful, warm, and inviting (hopefully!) home for us to sit and talk and connect and breathe.

I love it (is it okay for me to say that? because I TOTALLY AM.) — and I hope you will, too.

To celebrate my new site and new focus, I have a gift for you. Everyone who subscribes to this site will receive a set of five prints and matching cards.

The set also includes a print with a quote from Joey Tribianni (“If I had to, I’d pee on any one of you.”), which just might look good in your bathroom, and one with a quote from Andy of The Office (“Sorry I annoyed you with my friendship.”), which I’m putting up in my guest room slash office with some washi tape I snagged from my daughter.

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