What’s that saying? There’s nothing new under the sun? It certainly seems that way lately, what with every other movie in the theater rebooting a show from decades ago or featuring a superhero or seven. And the TV lineup is no different. Nostalgia is the name of the game, and television powers that be continue to play it safe with familiar names that will guarantee viewers (and, presumably, pay the bills).

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m as nostalgic as the next Gen-Xer, and quite often, I want to check my brain at the door when turning on a movie or TV show. So comfort food viewing is not always a bad thing in my opinion! Not to mention, some of the reboots we’ve seen recently have been fantastic. Like I’ve mentioned before, I had so much love for Netflix’s One Day at a Time reboot and am looking forward to season two. While I haven’t watched the Lethal Weapon TV series with my husband, I know he loves it (and critics have been pretty favorable as well). And my girls and I really like watching the Tangled series on the Disney Channel, too.

Some revivals and reboots just don’t work, though. Remember the Dirty Dancing musical in May? (Or have you blocked it from your memory?) Do we really need a live-action version of The Jetsons? And, while lots of you love it, I’m not a huge fan of Fuller House. (It’s okay. We can agree to disagree. As we say in my house ALL THE DANG TIME, different people like different things.)

{SIDE NOTE: Let’s take a moment of silence as we mourn the possibility of a Greek reunion. SIGH. ABC Family and then Freeform teased us with the idea of a holiday movie about where our favorite college students are now, but alas, it was not meant to be. Then again, I was mostly there for Cappie, and I can get my Scott Michael Foster fix (and a musical one, at that!) by catching up on My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.}

Anyway. This trend doesn’t seem to be going away. TVLine has an article listing about 150 revials, reunions, and reboots that have already aired, are rumored to be in development, or are scheduled for the coming TV season. One hundred fifty! What on earth?! WHO KNEW?! Well, I do now, but if you aren’t up for sifting through that many good and bad ideas to find the ones you actually care about, I’ve got you covered. I’ve narrowed it down to just 11 shows I think you might be interested in. Here you go (in alphabetical order)!

11 Revivals, Reunions & Reboots Coming Soon

  • Arrested Development: I loved the original but the first “reboot” season on Netflix left a lot to be desired (and prompted a lot of “I’ve made a mistake” memes). But the Bluths are coming back again, and supposedly, this next season will be better. I hope so! Look for this one on Netflix next spring.
  • DuckTales: I’d pretty much forgotten everything about this show (except the theme song – woohoo! – because that stays with you), but watching the reboot brought it all back. I loved this show as a kid, and my girls will probably like it now. I watched the first episodes and thought it was fun to hear the new voices (David Tennant, Danny Pudi, Kate Micucci, Lin Manuel-Miranda, and so many more) — but I probably won’t tune into this one on a regular basis. Because it’s a cartoon, you guys. But you can watch it starting September 23 on Disney XD.
  • Dynasty: I didn’t watch the first one and I won’t watch this one. But I know some of you will love this new rendition of the primetime soap. It’s going to be on the CW, so it will be plenty soapy. It premieres on October 11.
  • The Magic School Bus: Okay, I know I just said I am too busy to watch cartoons. But this is one I’m sure I’ll watch with my kids. They love the old episodes, and I’m curious to see the new ones. Kate McKinnon from SNL is the new voice of Ms. Frizzle, in case you were wondering, and it hits Netflix on September 29.
  • Psych: The Movie: You know that’s right. The whole gang is reuniting for a holiday movie this December, and I cannot wait! I’ve even read an interview with the producer (or director? I’m not sure, but someone in charge) about this possibly being a gateway to more Psych movies. I would be all for that!
  • Roseanne: Well, I can’t say I’m super stoked about this one. Because I’m not. But for all you Roseanne fans, maybe this is your dream come true. If so, you have eight episodes coming mid-season to catch up with the Connor family, complete with both actresses who played Becky . Because that’s not weird.
  • Star Trek: Discovery: I’m not a Trekkie, but I was fascinated listening to a podcast recently about the different timelines agreed upon and followed by the Star Trek TV series and the Star Trek movies. This new version, I believe, is a prequel; it will air on CBS All Access (the network’s paid streaming site) beginning September 24.
  • Step Up: High Water: It’s true, I’ve watched all the Step Up movies. The first one is my favorite and the best, and I’ve seen it more times than I’m going to count. But I just recently heard about this new iteration coming this fall on YouTube Red (the paid subscription service). I’m annoyed that I’d have to pay to watch, but I’m tempted anyway because a) I love dance shows and b) it’s produced by the Tatums and Adam Shankman.
  • S.W.A.T.: Okay, see if you can follow me. This is a new TV show (premiering November 2 on CBS) based on a movie, which was based on a TV show. It’s also one of many (MANY) law enforcement- and military-themed shows starting this fall. I’m not sure how it will keep from getting lost in the noise of all the similar shows or of CBS’s various juggernauts (hello, BBT and NCIS!). But it does star Shemar Moore, who I remember well from the days when I watched Young & the Restless, and is produced by several big names, too.
  • Trading Spaces: Do we need another reality design show? No, of course not. (Although my 9-year-old is obsessed with every show she can find on HGTV, the DIY channel, and the Food Network. I prefer that over lame tween shows any day!) But while I would be horrified to let my friend or neighbor staple 10,000 silk flowers to my bathroom walls, there was something special about this early show and its insane befores and afters. I can’t imagine this will become appointment television for me when it comes back in 2018, but I won’t be sad if my daughter wants to watch it on Saturday mornings.
  • Will & Grace: Last but certainly not least, this is the reboot I’m most excited about. Like Friends, this show wasn’t actually must-see TV for me when it originally aired — but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode in reruns (and many of them multiple times). The short season (10 episodes) will start on September 28 at NBC, pretending like that depressing finale never happened. My DVR is ready and waiting.

There you have it. Eleven reunions, revivals, and reboots coming to a small screen near you. Which ones are you most interested in? What will make you set your DVR? How do you feel, in general, about these shows?

Did I miss any shows? Which ones are you going to watch?

What should you watch next?


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