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Earlier today I opened an article about an upcoming biopic about Freddie Mercury. I didn’t have time to watch the trailer, so I saved it for this evening after I put the kids to bed. After a noisy bedtime full of shouting and crying, I happily escaped to my chair, my laptop, and a couple Dove dark chocolates — and fired up YouTube.

I was only going to watch that one little video. Two and a half minutes, then on to the DVR and some work emails. That was the plan.

Forty-eight minutes later, I am so deep into a rabbit hole of Netflix movie trailers that I’m not sure I’ll ever again see the light of day. I definitely won’t be getting to those emails.

But what I can do? Pull you down into this rabbit hole with me. That’s right. Say goodbye to your productivity, friends, because I am about to blow up your queue. In no particular order (other than the order I stumbled onto them), here are 10 movies streaming on Netflix (or coming soon).

Set It Up: Two overworked assistants set up their bosses in order to get a little more free time. It has a Devil Wears Prada vibe, mixed with a every other rom-com vibe. And I’m totally going to watch it. The assistants aren’t anyone I recognize, but the bosses are Taye Diggs and Lucy Liu. Coming to Netflix on June 15.

The Kissing Booth: Elle’s been best friends with Lee her entire life. Now she has a secret crush on his older brother, who she’s also supposed to be recruiting for a kissing booth school fundraiser. It’s high school romantic hijinks at their best! Well, I don’t know if it’s the best, but I will tell you after I watch it. Elle is played by Joey King, who I know from White House Down, the movie where Channing Tatum saves the president (played by Jamie Foxx). Yes, I’ve watched it more than once. That is beside the point. Streaming now.

Coin Heist: Four teens plan a heist of the US Mint to get the $10 million they need to save their school. I have no real reasons, but this looks so much better (lighter and fluffier, probably) than American Animals, another heist movie with young guys coming out this summer. Light and fluffy is kind of my speed. Streaming now.

Candy Jar: Two rival debaters, from opposite sides of the track, are forced to work together in yet another high school romantic comedy. (Or do we call it coming of age when it’s teenagers? I don’t know the technical terms here.) I had friends who debated in college, and this makes me think of them. I can’t wait to watch. Also, the female lead is played by the actress who plays the granddaughter on Blue Bloods. Streaming now.

Full Out: This one is based on the inspirational true story of Ariana Berlin. Ariana was a promising gymnast before getting in a bad car accident, and she eventually overcomes her challenges to compete on the UCLA gymnastics team. I may have possibly teared up just watching the preview. And you better believe I’ll be showing this to my less-than-motivated 10-year-old with a broken leg. Streaming now.

Tramps: Two teens get roped into some kind of clandestine exchange. When they mess it up, they have to work together to save the mysterious mission and earn their paychecks (or avoid bad guys? the trailer wasn’t clear). The trailer had a Friday Night Lights feel, and it also reminded me a lot of the YA novel, Beautiful Chaos by Alex Tully. Streaming now.

The Fundamentals of Caring: Paul Rudd is a sad, retired writer and brand-new caregiver whose client is a young man with muscular dystrophy. They end up taking a road trip and meeting Selena Gomez’s character. It has good reviews and reminds me of Speechless, one of my favorite shows on TV right now. So, yes, please! Streaming now.

I also watched previews for Alex Strangelove, Dude, and #realityhigh. All are movies about high school students, and none appealed to me. Your mileage may vary, though, so the trailers are linked. You can also find lots of intense drama and scary horror in Netflix’s catlog of original movies, but that’s not my thing so my clicking kept me on a pretty solid teeny bopper and rom-com trail.

If that’s not enough clicking and queueing up for you, I’ve got two more for you. First up is another teen romantic comedy that I’ve already seen and thought was fantastic, partly because I ignored the fact that the characters were teenagers and the fact that my own children will someday be teenagers. The First Time is sharp and funny and sweet and realistic, and stars the adorable Britt Robertson and the adorable Dylan O’Brien. I liked it, and it’s streaming on Netflix now.

Second and last, this is actually a commercial for Netflix, but it’s also a super cute (and real-to-life) short film. I wish it was for a real movie or series.

Have you seen any of these movies? Or any good movies (or trailers) lately?

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