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Did you make a summer bucket list? Running through the sprinkler, eating s’mores or watermelon, having a water balloon fight, being a tourist in your own town, buying lemonade from a kids’ stand, catching fireflies and watching the sunset – that sort of thing? Or maybe your list looked more like this: organize the pantry, take the kids on vacation, find those lost library books, go to a concert or festival, and finish that project at work.

I’ve made both kinds of lists in past summers. (Of course I have. Lists are the best.) But this year I made a different type of list: THE SUMMER WATCH CHALLENGE.

Between now and Labor Day, let’s watch some good TV shows. It’ll be fun, it’ll cross a few things off one of our lists, and one of you will win 6 MONTHS FREE NETFLIX. Here’s how:

1. Watch at least one episode from each of the six categories I’ve selected.
2. Join THE COUCH, a Facebook group, to talk about the shows you’re watching.
3. Fill out the form to tell me (confidentially) which shows you watched.
4. One winner who submits their shows by September 3 will be randomly selected to win.

Even if you don’t win, it’ll be fun! I’m including suggestions for each category in the Summer Watch Guide. Plus, I’ve noted which shows are rated MA in case that matters to you, and I’ve put an asterisk next to the shows I’ve watched at least several episodes. To get the 2018 Summer Watch Challenge guide, simply go here.

Let’s get to watching!

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