Today is the day!!!

After months of thinking and dreaming and questioning and doubting and (oh yeah) working, my brand-new podcast is LIVE! You can find it on iTunes (or Stitcher or Podcast Addict) — three whole episodes, as a matter of fact. The podcast is called THE COUCH WITH MARY CARVER, and it will be cozy conversations about pop culture and why it matters. I’ll spend time each week talking to a friend about some part of pop culture that we love and why it matters in the grand scheme of things.

Sometimes we might find deeper meaning in our books, TV shows, movies, or music — but other times, we might not. Sometimes, the only reason we love those things is because they make us laugh or cry or think or learn. And that’s okay, too.

The first episode is a quick intro with just me, where I talk a bit more about what you can expect from THE COUCH. Annnnnd it might also be a little awkward…

But it’s good! It’s good! REALLY. (And you can listen here.)


The next episode, The One with Spies, features a conversation with my friend, Amanda White (or, as you might know her, @ohamanda). We laugh way too much as we discuss our favorite TV shows, books, and movies with spies. Mainly we talk about Chuck and how much we love Chuck and wish there were more shows like Chuck. (Little did we know when we recorded that episode that a new show coming this spring might just fit the bill.) (I’m talking about Whiskey Cavalier, and I cannot WAIT until it starts!)

You can listen to that one here.

The third episode I’m sharing with you this week, TV is Not the Boss of You, is a fun conversation I had with Myquillyn Smith (aka, The Nester) about boundaries and dealing with the temptation to watch and read all the things just because everyone else is doing it.

And you can listen to that one right here.

MORE BIG NEWS, friends! More. Big. News…

To celebrate this big day, I’m giving away some fun goodies. I’m assuming that you’re a fan of pop culture, too, since you’re here. So to help you get comfy on your actual couch and enjoy some downtime (or perhaps listen to a podcast, wink wink nudge nudge), I’ve got a fun basket of gifts just for you.

I’m giving away 3 months of Netflix, adorable (and cozy) socks, gourmet popcorn, a tote bag, and three books from last year’s Book of the Month club — just what you need to enjoy a little pop culture on your own couch, right?! To be entered, leave a comment telling me one of your not-so-guilty pleasures (a question I’ll be asking my friends on future podcast episodes!). I’ll randomly select a winner after midnight next Tuesday, January 29.

I can’t wait for you to hear these first episodes of THE COUCH. I’ve had so much fun talking with friends about all the books, movies, music, and TV shows we love — and I hope you have just as much fun listening in. Once you listen (because you’re going to listen, right?!), let me know what you think. Tell me who you’d love to hear on THE COUCH, and what you want us to talk about.

It’s going to be fun!

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