Once upon a time, I wrote a devotional just for you…

Beauty and the Beast is a story we know as a fairy tale full of magic and romance and, at least in the most recent movies, songs guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days. But is that all there is to this tale? Is this story simply about a girl and a beast – or is it possible that there’s something underneath, something we didn’t see before?

What appears to be a simple story for children is actually an incredible illustration of God’s love for us – unconditional, sacrificial, and never-ending. When we look closely, we can find timeless truth about a God who offers us adventure in the great, wide somewhere whether we live in a little village or a grand castle. And we can find reminders that God has created us wonderful and unique to serve a purpose in His plan that’s more exciting than any fairy tale ever written.

That’s why I’ve written a short devotional for you, inspired by this story. TALES AS OLD AS TIME is a series of 10 devotions that can easily be read over the span of two weeks. Each day ends with Scripture and a few reflection questions.

Friends, despite the entertaining (and fun!) inspiration for this book, I believe the message God has for us is significant. I’m praying that He uses this story and these words to reveal His love in a new light and remind us of the truths we need to stay focused on the beautiful tale He’s written.

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