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As we wrap up this Thanksgiving week, we are halfway through the holiday movie season. And we have had an abundance of choices when it comes to holiday movies. An embarrassment of movie riches, really! This week, there’s been a new one every day — and sometimes more than one! (And then don’t forget all the holiday specials.) My DVR has barely been able to keep up!

This week o’ movies ends with a bang, with the one (THE ONE) some of you have been waiting for — the new Candace Cameron Bure movie! I am excited to watch, too, and I’ve even got some ideas for making this movie watching experience even better.

Two side notes, though:

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  2. If you haven’t gotten your FREE Hooked on Holiday Movies bundle that my friend Anna Rendell and I made for you, what are you waiting for?! It has a printable movie premiere schedule, tips for hosting a holiday movie watch party, access to an exclusive holiday playlist, a collection of holiday recipes, and super fun BINGO cards to use while watching your favorite festive flicks. Plus a brand-new, 10-day devotional inspired by holiday movies. Just click here for your bundle!

And now, I have a few more ways you can make your holiday movie-watching experience EVEN BETTER!

In anticipation of this Sunday’s new Hallmark Channel movie starring Candace Cameron Bure (and *ahem* the very special reason behind my announcement below!), I’ve recently re-watched a few of her earlier holiday movies. Specifically, I fired up the fireplace, snuggled up with my daughters, and watched “Moonlight & Mistletoe,” “Let It Snow,” and “A Christmas Detour.” Not only did that get me even more excited for the upcoming, “Christmas Town,” but it also gave me a few ideas for you. Here’s how you, too, can have the best holiday movie watching experience ever:

  1. Get some cozy, seasonal socks that send a message.
  2. Pour yourself a nice, hot drink. Like this DIY PSL (yum!).
  3. In a jumbo mug, of course. (That just so happens to be on sale and make a perfect gift!)
  4. Get comfy in a cute shirt. (Maybe this one so you, too, can be the Queen of Christmas!)
  5. Take advantage of this downtime and rearrange your Pinterest boards (or make an actual vision board, like the one Candace Cameron Bure’s character is obsessed with in “A Christmas Detour”).
  6. Munch on some sweet and salty snack mix. (This is my favorite mix recipe!)
  7. Put it in the perfect bowl to hold on the couch.
  8. Get in the mood for a fish out of water doctor story (like in “Let It Snow”) by watching a few episodes of Hart of Dixie.
  9. Why not go full romantic and pick up a few bridal magazines to flip through while you watch?
  10. Flip through your old scrapbooks and photo albums to remember holidays past (and maybe sort that box of photos that’s been sitting on a shelf or organize this year’s cell phone shots into a photo book for the grandparents).
  11. Keep your hands busy (and away from the rest of the snack mix) with a coloring book.

I’m really looking forward to watching “Christmas Town” tonight. From what I’ve seen in the trailer and heard through the grapevine, Candace Cameron Bure’s character is a teacher moving to a new town for a new job but gets derailed in a Christmas-obsessed town that also has a connection to her past. Foster care, a missing angel decoration, and — of course — romance are all part of this new movie.

Helping others and loving people seems to be a big part of “Christmas Town,” and I’d guess those things are part of your holiday traditions as well. So number 12 goes right along with that sentiment…

12. Multitask in the best way by enjoying a movie for yourself and doing something for someone else. Bake bread for the local fire station. Fold clothes, blankets, or coats you can donate to a women’s shelter. Or, in honor of a movie character who loves shoes, put together gift bags for the homeless containing warm socks, lotion, and foot warmers.

Finally? THESE comfy pillows:

Last but not least, my number one recommendation (or number thirteen, for the purposes of this list!) for enhancing all your holiday movie watching experiences is to snuggle up with THE EXACT SAME PILLOWS featured in “Christmas Town”! Keep an eye out for these to show up at least once during the movie!

I love these pillows, and I’m excited to give them away to a lucky reader. See below for ways to enter to win!

But wait…

I did mention an announcement…

Today, THIS SUNDAY, December 1, Anna Rendell and I will be once again hosting a watch party during Candace Cameron Bure’s new Hallmark Christmas movie!! From 7:00 to 9:00 pm CST, we’ll be chatting and sharing trivia and (hello!) holding giveaways on DaySpring’s Facebook page as we all watch the movie together. It will be so fun, and I hope you can join us!

Make sure you’ve liked the DaySpring page and then click on over there tonight at 7:00 pm! Also, you might want to go ahead and send your family on their way with leftovers and hugs, get your kids in bed so they’re rested up to go back to school, and claim the remote before anybody gets any funny ideas about watching a football game!

Anna and I are super excited for this event but it won’t be the same without you. Please join us!

And now, for that GIVEAWAY!

To help you have the very best movie-watching experience possible, I’m giving away the COMFORT pillow, JOY pillow, and geometric Christmas countdown calendar that can all be spotted in the movie. (So fun, right?!)

For your chance to win:

Leave a comment on this blog post. Easy peasy! Just tell me your favorite holiday movie!

For extra entries, sign up for your Hooked on Holiday Movies bundle and let me know in a separate comment. (Sign ups will be verified by your email address.) The giveaway will close at midnight CST on Monday, December 2, and one winner will be selected randomly. Must live in the U.S. to qualify.

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