The Couch: Conversations About Pop Culture & Why It Matters

Hey, friends. Do you have kids? Or kids in your life? Do you want to teach them about other cultures and how to be kind and inclusive to others? Duh. Of course you do. Well, like I do about pretty much every topic, I think the answer to all that lies in books. And that’s why I wanted to sit down with my friend, Dorina, who is a multicultural children’s author. She’s 100% the expert on this topic, plus super fun to talk to.

And the most fun of this is that we were actually sitting right next to each other when we recorded. We were in person, and it was so lovely. (Although, we did have to keep ourselves from saying all the podcast things when we ate dinner together the night before!) I know you’re going to find this conversation so helpful, and I can’t wait to hear from you. Go ahead and listen!

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