Today we have a very special episode for you, the long-awaited, much-beloved, annual holiday movie preview episode! My friend (and friend of the Facebook group) Tori Rask is here to help me decide which of the 70—count them, SEVENTY—Hallmark and Lifetime holiday movies are worth watching this year. We are going through all three of the channels—Lifetime, Hallmark, and Hallmark Mysteries and Movies—and taking turns telling you about our top five must-watch movies on the schedule.

In some cases we overlap and pick the same movies, in some cases we automatically dismiss a movie because of an actor’s hair or face (don’t ever say we’re not deep and thoughtful here at The Couch!), and in some cases, friends, Tori picked the very movies I crossed out on my list as don’t-bother-watching. So we have quite the selection for you!

And, as always, this isn’t the only way I’m helping you have the very best holiday movie season. Make sure you’ve joined the Facebook group for weekly chats about which movies we’re watching, and this Thursday, Tori and I will be going live to tell you what didn’t make it into this episode—the movies we definitely ARE NOT going to watch! Plus, I’m inviting friends to join me for bonus podcast episodes each week during the holiday season to recap and review the new movies we’ve watched.

That’s a lot, right? But wait! There’s more!—we’re offering a “Hooked on Holiday Movies” bundle of goodies (like BINGO cards, holiday recipes and a playlist, and a printable schedule of all the holiday movie premieres). All of that is at

AND! This year, for the first time, we’re offering merch. Yes, that’s right, you can get your very own “hooked on holiday movies” shirts or mugs at I’m obviously 100% biased, but I think these shirts and mugs are so cute. I just know you’re going to want one!

Get comfy and enjoy this episode!

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