Today I’m joined by my friend and marketing powerhouse, NJ Rongner. NJ is a full-time working mom who also hosts not one but two podcasts, she’s brilliant and generous and super funny, and she was kind enough to come hang out with us this week.

We are well aware that this episode is coming out the week of the U.S. presidential election, and we are well aware that this might mean you’re having a challenging week. Since this is not a podcast about politics and is, instead, a place where we talk about pop culture and why it matters, that’s what we’re doing today.

We’re here to distract you for a little while as we debate the proper way and time to decorate a Christmas tree, the calories in a PSL versus a pumpkin cold brew, and whether or not Rory Gilmore would really have behaved the way her character was written in the Gilmore Girls revival.

It’s a lot, we’re a lot, and this episode is a lot of fun. So, take a deep breath, get comfy, and enjoy this break from your week.

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