Welcome to a new episode of The Couch. Today I’m here with my friend, Katie Reid!

Katie is an author, a podcast host, and a singer/songwriter. She inspires others to live out their God-given purpose and lives in the middle of Michigan with her handsome hubby and five lively children. We had so much fun swapping stories about our favorite musicals, and I think you’ll get a kick out of this conversation, too.

That’s right. We’re making a list of our top 10 favorite musicals in this episode (although, spoiler alert, we had a real hard time sticking to just 10 and may have broken our own rules to sneak in a few more. Also, because this is The Couch, where rabbit trails and side notes are always welcome, we also get into pizza and romance novels. I’m glad you’re here, friends. Let’s get started!




Welcome to The Couch!

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