One of my favorite parts of the Barbie movie was the soundtrack, chock full of songs written specifically for the movie. And that got me thinking about all the other iconic songs we have purely because a movie called for them. So today my brother (and friend of the show) James Walters is back on The Couch to talk about some of our favorite movie theme songs.

James is not just my brother and a music and pop culture expert, of course. He’s the owner of The Big Gay Collective, creating fabulous scented products including a whole lot of amazing candles. He’s also a former professional musician and the person on this planet whose pop culture memories most closely overlap with mine. So obviously he’s the person who invited me to go see Barbie and the person who’s perfect for another musical conversation.

But not a conversation about musicals. Because we’re talking about movies that are specifically not musicals. Because why? I don’t know but these are the parameters we ended up with.

Of course, because this is The Couch, where side notes and rabbit trails are always welcome, we also get into the King of Soundtracks, my favorite TV show which I promise I do really love even though I blank on the name of it, and karaoke.

Lastly, a note about the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, a.k.a. the writers strike. I’m not a member of the unions, nor am I paid to promote any of their products. As a quasi-journalist who reports entertainment information, I will continue providing that service to you at this time. But I fully acknowledge that the movies and series we discuss here on The Couch would not be possible without the writers, and I support those striking in favor of fair treatment and compensation.

All right, it’s time to see how long you can listen without breaking into song. Let’s get started!


  • The songs in this playlist
  • Phil Collins
  • Songs learned on the piano during childhood
  • Our middle school music teacher, as always
  • My adolescent love for Christian Slater


  • Revisiting Pinterest
  • Buying a pink dress to wear to Barbie


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