14 Books I’m Excited to Read This Fall

Sitting next to me right this very minute is a stack of library books — eight in total, two several weeks overdue. I also have a bunch of books on my bookshelf, in my bedroom, and on my Kindle. All waiting to be read. Prompted by Kaitlyn’s question, though, I’ve decided to just accept defeat and come up with a better plan. I’m returning the overdue books, committing to the others I’ve checked out, and finally getting around to some books I’ve been wanting to read for a while. Here are 14 books I’m excited to read this fall.

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The Ultimate List of TV Shows for Tweens

The pop culture-related question I am asked (and overhear or read) the most is, “What’s a good show for my tween to watch?” I can’t speak for every tween parent (or, certainly any tween ever). But I can tell you what shows my own daughters have loved. And I can give you the parameters and categories I’m using. Basically, what I’m saying is that this list includes the best TV shows for tweens, according to me.

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The Best Workplace Comedies You Can Stream

From cubicles to corner offices, people at work are just always doing something funny — or at least something laughable. Ridiculous or really annoying, the worst and weirdest parts of work can seem a little bit better when we take a minute to laugh at them. And, we all know that in real life work can be dull and life-sucking — so what better way to deal with the mundane or take a break from boring than to make fun of it? Enter the workplace comedy.

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How I Read 30 Books in Two Months

I love reading. It’s my favorite thing to do, more than watching TV or eating chips and queso. Even more than sleeping (evidenced by the many, many nights I’ve stayed up way past my bedtime reading “just one more chapter”). However, I don’t always read well. This summer I’m doing things differently. Here’s how I’ve read 30 (mostly great) books in two months.

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