Yes, I am aware that the Superbowl is actually a football game, and the main attraction is – or at least, is supposed to be – the competition between two teams.

But come on! You know it’s all about the commercials!

My pick for the winner? Bridgestone, who had two funny and original spots, one with Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head and another with astronauts. What do toys and outer space have to do with tires? Umm, nothing, but they were still funny.

Second runner up, in my opinion, goes to the Budweiser horse commercials. Cute, funny and memorable – the perfect combo for a Superbowl campaign. (See them here, here and here.)

And the loser in the big game? Definitely Congratulations to them for continuing their legacy of being crude and juvenile. And way to go, Danica Patrick, for playing along. Two thumbs down.

Just in case you missed a few commercials (loading up on cheese dip maybe…or was that just me?), go HERE to watch all the Superbowl ads.

What were your favorite commercials this year?

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